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    North Island vs South island

    Also, as a Huntly lad, if you're not sending tourists to see the power station you're doing New Zealand a huge disservice.
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    North Island vs South island “We think the best legacy thing for us to do is to pick players on the first province they played for because the choice they made when they played first class rugby for that province was probably the start of their move...
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    Super Rugby Aotearoa: Round 2 - [20 - 21 June 2020]

    I hope the Chiefs can win this to keep things interesting (for me). Hopefully being at home and Cruden can make the difference.
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    Very few kiwi posters anymore?

    Yeah I realise that, it was kinda my point when saying it's like watching a game in a pub in the country you're playing against. Which I've done and had a blast, I just wouldn't want to do it all the time!
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    Very few kiwi posters anymore?

    Kiwi lurker here. I watch most rugby download after the fact and don't feel like I have much to contribute, so I don't! I do enjoy reading the forums though, i live in rugby isolation so miss the banter. I do find it a bit northern hemispherey here though. The All Blacks V any 6 nations...
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    Classic games are up on Youtube

    Maybe you all already know but I just noticed the super rugby youtube channel has put up a bunch of classic super rugby games condensed down to 45 minutes. From what I've watched they've done a good job cutting them down without ruining them...
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    Super Rugby Preseason and warm up games

    What? The amount of people who actually watch rugby in NZ is also far less than the population of NZ. Anyway, I think most kiwis are still at the beach or watching cricket. I wouldn't say there's not much interest because New Zealanders are fragile and recovering from not winning the WC.
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    The name?

    Sweet baby jesus that is horrendous! If they want to take the Maori symbolism route there are less penis looking options.
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    How many games did you watch ?

    All of them and 4 or 5 twice. My world is so empty now.
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    Question for the Kiwi posters

    Who is letting him off the hook though? The media? I agree with pretty much all you've said but I'd also be annoyed to see it all over the press. He's retiring, it would be poor form and pointless to rake him over the coals. Same with retiring players. Throw Jordie under a bus though please. I...
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    [RWC2019][The Final] England vs. South Africa (02/11/2019)

    I read most of this thread in a oner and it's been an emotional rollercoaster! As a neutral I think most posters from both sides handled themselves quite well but it is important we all remember what is truly important, and that is that by tipping SA to win I won my superbru competition.
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    Question for the Kiwi posters

    Fine. Im sorry I assumed that.
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    Question for the Kiwi posters

    I don't even know where to start here. First of all, New Zealanders aren't going to all decide on anything about anything. Just like anywhere else you're going to find all different views and **** journalism. You can read whatever view you want on the internet and like most people you're...
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    Question for the Kiwi posters

    Also does it make you cringe to see non Maori New Zealanders sing our national anthem?
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    Question for the Kiwi posters

    Also don't some of your collage footballs teams do the haka? You guys seem to love it in the videos I've seen. No cringing at all. Except from everyone else.
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    Question for the Kiwi posters

    I don't think anyone is using American society as a yard stick for showing respect to other cultures. Or anything really. They were fined for crossing half way. Not many people agree with the rule but that's why.
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    Question for the Kiwi posters

    Also, before this descends into chaos, I'm pretty sure there is no rule you have to do anything during the haka. People complain it's not fair you just have to stand there and watch it. I'm pretty sure you don't. Correct me if I'm wrong though. If they players felt it was unfair they could...
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    Question for the Kiwi posters

    No way. The half way thing is all World Rugby.
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    [RWC2019][3rd & 4th Place Playoff] New Zealand vs. Wales (01/11/2019)

    Interesting attitude. Just wondering, do you compete in anything? I'm not calling you out, you could be an Olympic athlete for all I know. I was just thinking because it seems like most really competitive people that are at a high level relish the chance to keep competing. It reminds me of...
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    [RWC2019][3rd & 4th Place Playoff] New Zealand vs. Wales (01/11/2019)

    Isn't the meme a screen shot of a Wales online headline? You should know better. Or you did and are throwing the cat amongst the pigeons. Fair play.