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    [2017 RBS Six Nations] Round 1: Scotland vs. Ireland (04/02/2017)

    I've been so impressed with Glasgow lately but sadly I can't see that translating into the 6N. Excuse the arrogance but I am thoroughly expecting an Irish win. Not an easy one mind, but I'm gonna say 10pts there or about. The big games for Scotland this year are Wales and France.
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    [Six Nations 2018] - Ireland

    Not sure what there is to make of it - it's pretty much exactly the team everyone predicted. Schmidt isn't one for surprises. There may be some lads in the provinces who deserve a spot based on their PRO12/European form but let's not kid ourselves here... Did you really expect something...
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    Predictions based on AI's.

    You're portraying this in the wrong manner. We didn't beat NZ then lose to SA, France, etc. It was of course the other way around. Ireland last 6N were more unsettled and less defined. Arguably we were still finding our feet in the summer and very much should have gotten at least 2 in SA but...
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    (Very) early thoughts on the 2017 Lions

    I think the best of the best of the current crop of players in these isles are definitely capable of beating this All Black side. However I have no hope in Gatland. I foresee 3 valiant defeats, the first 2 games with the BI Lions scoring somewhere in the 20s, with the ABs somewhere in the mid to...
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    Rugby players and cannabis

    Out of curiosity, does anyone know of renowned rugby union players that smoke weed? I imagine someone admitting to it might be frowned upon by their staff/sponsors or whatever, but there must be someone that does... Any guesses? From the Ireland squad, I can't think of anyone who might seem...
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    [November Tests 2016 EOYT] England vs. Australia (3/12/2016)

    Can anyone please explain to me what the point of this fixture was? Oz, like NZ last week, looked knackered. When was the last time any of these guys had a break from playing rugby? Oz got their comeuppance with a 3-0 whitewash at home this year. I really just can't fathom why there had to be...
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    [November Tests 2016 EOYT] France vs. New Zealand (26/11/2016)

    I threw this on after needing more rugby fix after Ire v Aus, it was a surprisingly good game. The ABs looked knackered at times but how could they not be. France looked very promising at times, a bit disastrous at others (namely the set piece). Still they look dangerous with ball in hand, and I...
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    [November Tests 2016 EOYT] Ireland vs. Australia (26/11/2016)

    The internet uproar has been pretty hilarious so far I do think we got off lightly on some cases, but at the same time Australia failed to execute at least 2 tries that were for the...
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    [November Tests 2016 EOYT] Ireland vs. Australia (26/11/2016)

    Fantastic result. I thought that was a great game - despite the sloppiness from Australia I thought it was very exciting, lots of tries, lots of running, as soon as Australia got their 1st try a LOT of tension... Despite being Irish and of course very joyed with the win I feel a bit bad for...
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    What games are you playing?

    Im playing the Lost Chapters. Ive actually started a new game since, I dont care if I know how short it is, its so much better than Fable 3!
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    What games are you playing?

    Any you'd recommend?
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    [November Tests 2016 EOYT] Ireland vs. Australia (26/11/2016)

    I forgot that Earls "plays" centre, let's hope it doesn't come to that... (Sorry Earls) It'll have to be won up front indeed. However, I honestly think Ireland's back row is the best in the world at the moment, if it isn't then it's a definite contender. At the time, the Ozzie backrow at the...
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    [November Tests 2016 EOYT] Ireland vs. Australia (26/11/2016)

    I didn't even cop that. What to do if RR or Payne get injured :huh:
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    [November Tests 2016 EOYT] England vs. Argentina (26/11/2016)

    You're having a laugh if you think any team doesn't care about either the summer or autumn internationals. Just because there's no silverware to be won doesn't diminish their importance. I guarantee you every Kiwi, Ozzie and Bok (and Puma) are determined to win their games and would be fairly...
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    [November Tests 2016 EOYT] Ireland vs. Australia (26/11/2016)

    Hmmm, is it a fitness thing that Zebos on the bench? Provided fitness is not an issue I would've chosen him over Earls - I like Earls, but recently Zebo has impressed me a lot more. Overall, pretty solid selection, nothing out of the ordinary. I'm glad to see RR as opposed to Olding or Marshall...
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    What games are you playing?

    Been playing Fable 3 lately. Tried playing Fable 1 after not having played it in so long but I've overplayed it to death even now, so decided to try some of the newer ones. I'm digging it so far. I don't know if it's because I'm a lot older now or if the newer ones aren't as good, but I'm not...
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    [November Tests 2016 EOYT] England vs. Argentina (26/11/2016)

    Cant see anything but an easy English win.
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    Springbok issues

    I'd bite my tongue yet, the past 3 6N have been pretty **** (especially this year's), with each year gradually getting worse and worse starting 2014... Next year looks like it's shaping up to be good though. I tried following my first RC ever this year, watching uploads of matches the day...