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  1. Which Tyler

    what was the best rugby world cup

    '87 Didn't really appear on the horizon as an 11 year old '91 Fond memories as the first that I paid any attention to, and a great England side, but I couldn't say it was a great RWC '95 For what it meant, and being the last fully amateur tournament '99 Was just a great tournament, but kinda...
  2. Which Tyler

    Ring fencing premiership and championship

    As I and a few others have been saying for over a decade now... Reduce the Prem to 8/10 teams, with another 10/12 in the Champ - ring-fence between Champ and NL1. Replace the AWC/PC to include all 18-22 English clubs; in an orthodox format (with Cup, Plate and Bowl finals for extra games); with...
  3. Which Tyler

    [COVID-19] General Discussion

    It may be mentioned elsewhere - but that brief doesn't mention a delay to the end of shielding - though of course, not everyone has the same shielding end-date anyway
  4. Which Tyler

    A Political Thread

    Just been looking at the 2nd round of self-employed support scheme... It covers 3 months from July 14th (so too soon to tell for sure just yet, but then, not open for applications until August 18th anyway) So the first round covered March, April, May; and the second covers Mid-July to...
  5. Which Tyler

    A Political Thread

    Taxes are too low in this country anyway, and I'm in favour of higher taxes to pay for better social care - so on the face of it, I think it's a good idea. However, the devil's in the details - and this government hasn't exactly earned any trust in that; and will probably just use the greater...
  6. Which Tyler

    What games are you playing?

    Just started playing a golf game on the phone - actually works quite well. Anyone else?
  7. Which Tyler

    A Political Thread

  8. Which Tyler

    [COVID-19] General Discussion

    Jog to "work"
  9. Which Tyler

    A Political Thread

    You can see him visibly shocked, then uncomfortable, and have to re-compose himself the moment he's contradicted - of course, he fails
  10. Which Tyler

    Make me Laugh, TRF

  11. Which Tyler

    [COVID-19] General Discussion

    I'm a chiropractor, so there's only so much I can do without touching people. Equally, being medical, we were never obliged to close. I tried WFH for about 10 weeks - remote consultations and advice, but it's just not the same. Opened for face to face mid-May, but only for emergency patients...
  12. Which Tyler

    [COVID-19] General Discussion

    Remember also, that (in the UK) the mortality rate in the second wave for the 1918 pandemic was 5 times higher than the first; with the third wave being 2-3 times higher. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3291398/ Now, these figures are from a century ago - for a disease that was not...
  13. Which Tyler

    [COVID-19] General Discussion

    Hell, there are plenty who don't believe in a first wave either
  14. Which Tyler

    A Political Thread

  15. Which Tyler

    Sinbin time

    You have - especially as a Sale supporter :p
  16. Which Tyler

    So many penalties near the end

    Have to say, I'm surprised to see this question from yourself. Cynicism - if you're opponent needs more than 3 points to win, you can afford the risk of giving away 3 points and making them build their attack again. Most of the those penalties are cynical, to stop them building a try scoring...
  17. Which Tyler

    [COVID-19] General Discussion

    Who could possibly have predicted that the same thing that happened at every easing (or hint of easing), would happen with this easing. Which came alongside a message that social distancing doesn't matter any more, and alcohol. BJ told everyone to use their common sense (yet again), how could...