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    2019 Rugby Europe Championship

    Our coach says we don't have anything against them, that they were just free-riders of what happened last year. Some fans strongly disagree, but all in all we had a civilised match last week. People was eager to demonstrate that Spain is much better than Belgium, but that's all. On the other...
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    [2019 Six Nations] England vs Italy (09/03/2019)

    Well, in this same thread an English fan critizised Italy for having players without Italian names, so...
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    [2018-19 Guinness Pro 14] Round 17 (01-03/03/2019)

    So Scarlets did win against Munster. Taking into account that they play against Zebre and Dragons in the last two rounds, I think they are now the favourites for playing play-offs. I do not look forward seeing Castello back in Savoy blue. I prefer Morisi. As per Canna, if he doesn't step up...
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    [2018-19 Guinness Pro 14] Round 17 (01-03/03/2019)

    Benetton did it, though Rizzi's try was unclear to me. Both teams were too afraid of losing the game. Benetton has a huge opportunity this season to reach the play-offs, having a lead of 8 points against Edinburgh and maybe 9 with Scarlets (if Munster does its job), but the road will be bumpy...
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    [2019 Six Nations] Scotland vs Italy (02/02/2019)

    Thank you very much Hap. I watched Koffi last year (maybe at JRWC?) and he seems ok, but Italian back row is getting a little over crowded (Negri, Polledri, Steyn, Mbanda, Meyer, Licata...), so he will have to fight for a spot there. I will pay attention to Fusco and Moscardi. Italy used to...
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    [2019 Six Nations] Scotland vs Italy (02/02/2019)

    Who are the best prospects in the U20 this years? I read that Garbisi was named man of the match, and the front row scored a couple of tries yesterday, but have only watched the highlights tweeted by FIR. Thank you.
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    Tier 2 June Internationals

    I did. Match was close, with small differences to either side, until the Japanese try at minute 61. Japan played nicely, and you should look for the highlights, one of their tries was superb. Apparently Super Rugby is working better for Japan than Pro14 is for Italy. Japanese team looked...
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    Rugby Europe Championship 2018

    No, they won't. Some players will be banned, others will not be released by French clubs, and we will play Samoa with an amateur División de Honor team (like every past June test window).
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    Rugby Europe Championship 2018

    Well, I do not have anything to say about Mitrea's job at the Spain-Germany, but he wasn't born in Italy precisely... And the problem is not the initial appointment, but that the referee was not changed when Spanish Union asked. Maybe we would have lost in the same way, but we wouldn't have...
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    Rugby Europe Championship 2018

    http://www.rtve.es/alacarta/videos/rugb ... s/4527522/ There you have it with Spanish comments. Spain played really bad, but you should watch it. I lost all hope of getting rugby as something more than a marginal sport in Spain. There was so much hope and media attention, and after today any...
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    Rugby Europe Championship 2018

    June, if we qualify this weekend, could be USA, Canada and Uruguay. In November: Fiji if we are lucky, or Tonga (which already played in Spain two years ago), plus american sides. Argentina has already booked three matches in November, so it is not possible. And we are not prepared yet for...
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    Under 20 6N - 2018

    I just watched the U20 Wales-Italy. Horrible game for Wales, impresive defense of Italy. It is true that the weather conditions in Wales ironically benefited the Italian game, but the Welsh were out of the match for really long periods, and had too many unforced errors (they actually looked...
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    2017 Rugby Europe Championship

    Italy now has depth, lot of players on a similar level. They lack top players, though. They now have a big middle class, but they need stars to compete at T1 level.
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    Natwest 6 Nations] Round 3 : France vs Italy 23/02/2018 2000hrs UTC/GMT

    Italy used to have the strongest tight five, and dreadful backs. Now the team is more balanced, but we will miss those great props. On the other hand, the back row is overpopulated with young talent: Licata, Giammaroli, Polledri, Negri, Mbanda... The losing mentality is the greatest flaw of...
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    Rugby Europe Championship 2018

    I guess that the key word is few. Spain football team had quite a bit of them at some point (Puskas, Kubala, Di Stefano was Argentinian...), but after their successes, Spain used to have very few naturalised players. The odd Argentinian or Brazilian, and nothing else. For this match, only four...
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    Rugby Europe Championship 2018

    In Spain, with little rugby tradition outside some universities and the Valladolid and Basque regions, playing rugby, watching Tier 1 rugby and watching Spanish NT can be three different and unrelated things. Lots of people watch 6N like people watch NFL or NHL, foreign sports that are great TV...
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    Rugby Europe Championship 2018

    Well, I wasn't talking about my beliefs, but others Spaniards' beliefs. Of course I fully support those players, especially after they have shown so much commitment with the team for the last two years, and last week in Russia. They fight for the Spanish colours bravely, and I can't ask for...
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    Rugby Europe Championship 2018

    Spain as a country does not have a strong connection with their migrant populations abroad, unlike the Irish or the Italians. Lot of people consider them foreigners, even if they have Spanish grandparents, unless they live in Spain for most of their lives. On the other hand, they are likely...
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    November Internationals - Tier 2 & 3

    Spain was just very superior to Brazil. Their defense is not good, and their forward can't compete in scrum or maul, but I admit that their players are really fast, and at the end of the game were fresher than ours. In fact Spain did not play really well in the second half, and in the last 5...
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    [November Tests 2017 EOYT] Italy vs. South Africa (25/11/2017)

    Yes, this is also true. Lot of people criticized the naturalization policy of the Italians, but not so many did the same with the Scottish. Maybe the results are the difference, or maybe the tradition. I really hope they can beat at least a match, I root for them, but without winning habit, it...