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  1. curtbob7

    Salary Cap Investigations

    And ,in fact, very rarely sell it out.
  2. curtbob7

    Salary Cap Investigations

    Crikey, here's something to come back onto this site for! Christmas has come early. Long overdue.
  3. curtbob7

    Prem players who don’t play on artificial turf

    Manu out for rest of season. Newcastle's Pitch. Hamstring.
  4. curtbob7

    Premiership Games this Weekend - Rd 19

    Massive performance that. Revenge for last years top 4 Shootout at Welford Road.
  5. curtbob7

    Premiership Rugby 18/19 - Rd 18

    Toomua at 15 for us. Interesting
  6. curtbob7

    England Rugby 2018/19 Thread

    Heard he offered to buy himself out of his final year to force a move.
  7. curtbob7

    England Rugby 2018/19 Thread

    Heard he offered to buy himself out of his final year to force a move.
  8. curtbob7

    SOB lays into Gats

    Doubt he'd be considered anyway. Underachieving with the players at his disposal with England.
  9. curtbob7

    2019-2020 transfers

    Wish Will well but with better 7's at the club and Reffell coming through its the right decision from both parties.
  10. curtbob7

    [2019 Six Nations] England v Scotland (16/03/2019)

    oh bloody nora not again Eddie. Whys he dropped Thokkanasinya?
  11. curtbob7

    [2019 Six Nations] England Squad

    *Just scanning the forum for anyone questioning Lord Cole's rightful inclusion over Williams* Yep, all good. Carry on.
  12. curtbob7

    Transfers rumours

    Next have offered his Mrs a part-time job in the Next HQ Café for 5k a week
  13. curtbob7

    England Rugby 2018/19 Thread

    Form Centre pairing is Tuilagi and Slade for me. Don't think Joseph ousts either of those. He's in front of Teo though, but obviously iddi likes Teo.
  14. curtbob7

    [2019 Six Nations] England vs Italy (09/03/2019)

    Good to see Cole back ahead of Williams
  15. curtbob7

    Trouble in Wales?

    WRU doing all they can to create a Welsh Leinster to act as Wales A. European 'club' Rugby really does p*ss me off.
  16. curtbob7

    [2019 Six Nations] England Squad

    Sounds lie Jonny May pre signing for Tigers. Shall we trade Gloucester our best forward for Thorley..:eek:o_O
  17. curtbob7

    [2019 Six Nations] England Squad

    Cowan-Dickie, Genge, Launchbury, Williams, Cokanasiga and Robson all have to start IMO.
  18. curtbob7

    2019-2020 transfers

    Dom Barrow lolololol
  19. curtbob7

    Salary Cap Investigations

    About bloody time. Been going on for over a decade, anyone who still thinks Sarries are operating within the cap and on a level playing field with the rest of the Premiership is off their T*ts. Its not just them though. I know when Manu had one of his contracts renewed at Tigers he had a house...
  20. curtbob7

    2019-2020 transfers

    Kudos to Sale. Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaash Monaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay