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    Why don't we just make our own rugby game

    The rugby union market does seem fairly large on the face of it, at least from the over inflated figures we hear from World Rugby and self flagellatory boasts like the 6 nations is the highest attended sports tournament in the world. The rugby union market doesn’t even have a flagship club...
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    Rugby 20 the thread

    Fair to say that with the release of rugby challenge 4 this is still the best rugby game on the console market! Getting back into it and I’m having lots of fun. I’d like to see the flyhalf sit deeper in the pocket so you can get punts away and to have the option to kick high ball box kicks...
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    Rugby 20 the thread

    Overall i'm pretty positive about this game and I think there are some solid foundations. Of course it is not a complete game and it is not satisfactory, but I feel it is a great step in the right direction. I think it's far better than the broken mess which is the Rugby Challenge series and of...
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    [2018 November Tests] Wales vs Australia (10/11/18)

    The players bottled it there as is the usual case against Australia. Can't really blame the coaches for that game.
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    [2018 November Tests] Wales vs Australia (10/11/18)

    If Australia start with high intensity and fast pace ruck ball which they always seem to be able to do aginst Wales then I think they will win. If Wales can slow them down and put in a few big hits or even better starve them of possession for the first 10-20 minutes then there's a chance...
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    Small inside centre

    Truth is your strengths will have to be twice as good as a big player especially skills/running ability and you will have to work twice as hard and not mistakes. Most coaches will find any reason to revert back to safety. Good luck it's not impossible.
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    Super 15 success???

    I realise that's the flaw in the current climate but thats why I said "if". The Australian's need to figure out what they actually want from Super Rugby. Do they want to just use it for the top down approach via the national team or do they actually want to grow professional rugby because right...
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    Super 15 success???

    If the Australian (in particular due to lack of depth) and New Zealand sides relaxed their rules for Pacific island capped players to play in their franchises that would probably help them more than an actual pacific island team. Financially a Pacific island team is never going to compete and...
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    [2018 Six Nations] England Squad

    They were both incredibly fast when they were young. Probably faster than there own wing options to be honest.
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    [2018 Six Nations] England Squad

    I think David Wallace and Mauro Bergamasco both player a bit on the wing. That might just be rugbt 08 skewing my memory though...
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    Prem Attendances on the downward slope?

    I think that something definitely needs to happen. I'd argue that although the Top 14 has more games their squad sizes can absorb them better than the premiership squads can in terms of pure numbers. Either look at cutting down the number of games or expand the season which would force the clubs...
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    Where Rugby Gets It Right & Football Gets It Wrong

    I don't really like the OP's angle on "types of people" i think that's a bit snobby and there's a lack of bad types of people in rugby mostly because no one cares about rugby and there's no money not that rugby is such a pure sport. Id look at the financial models more. The funny this is that...
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    Six Nations fantasy rugby

    Anyone have a source for proper full on players stats? Trying to do it properly this time instead of just guestimating. Like from last year's 6 nations, the summer and autumn internationals 2017, club would be good as well. Can't find anything... Edit: can only find vague articles which list...
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    Wales Squad Announced For 2018 Six Nations

    Who gives a **** what Dan Evans thinks. He's not an international Calibre player. His constant whinging in the press has made me lose any respect I had for him. He's delusional if he thinks he's good enough.
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    English Union proposes compensation from Unions aggressively pursuing eligibilty rules

    What's pathetic is the national unions complaining about clubs ruining the global game in the name of self interest when they are obviously doing the same thing by picking these types of players, as well as monopolising the international calendar. At least the clubs are honest about it and don't...
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    [November Tests 2017 EOYT] Ireland vs. South Africa (11/11/2017)

    I don't know how Kriel keeps getting selected. He is one of the most average centres amongst the tier 1 teams. At least De Allende can run over people and slide tackles now and again. Kriel literally gets the ball runs sideways dummies and then gets tackled every single time.
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    [November Tests 2017 EOYT] France vs. New Zealand (11/11/2017)

    On a side note I hope that the French forwards give Dane Coles a bit of a niggle at the bottom of the ruck. The dirty prick needs to be handled by somebody. It amazes me how long's he's gotten away with his bullshit.
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    Prem Attendances on the downward slope?

    Definitely the strength of the age grade sides and the amount of players that are developed, and the general strength of youth rugby. Grassroots senior men's clubs sides aren't really indicative of anything as they are mostly social clubs for men to have a kick around and a beer. Over 18s team...
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    Prem Attendances on the downward slope?

    The RFU have been generating a load of revenue and profits for a long time but it doesn't seem to make much difference to the North, regardless of development officers and marketers. The benefits of high profile matches are largely unknown (because there have hardly ever been any matches up...
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    Prem Attendances on the downward slope?

    The choice of stadium in Leicester probably was the wrong call but Tigers already have solid support and they did have debatable reasons for going with the football ground I guess. Other than that football grounds were 100% the right decision, the rugby grounds are far too small and the point...