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1-18-08 - anyone seen the trailer for it?



Firstly, has anyone see the trailer for this new movie coming out. it looks sweet!

JJ Abrams (the 'Lost' guy) is involved and the hype is building up around it like wildfire!

Regardless if it's great, or Crap - i guarantee that this movie will be a smash box-office wise!
i saw this trailer when i went to watch transformers, at the start i thought this is gonna be some comedy and then all of a sudden everything got turned on its head. Still dont know wot its about!
yeah my mate sent me this link a few days ago, looks pretty good. Is that the name of the film or has the ***le just not been disclosed yet?
From what I've read and seen, it seems the story will be told similar to The Blair Witch Project, through the use of a hand held camera.

Also, the monster/unknown destructive entity has been confirmed by J.J Abrams to be a monster that has never before been seen which puts lots of speculation to rest.

Go and search for all the theories, most of it is absolute crap, but interesting nonetheless.
Yup - they're still coming up with the name for the film - i reckon 1-18-08 is fine! It's codename is cloverfield apparently..

There are some seriously nutty explanations of what it's supposedly all about. I think i have the patience to wait another couple of months to see it rather than buying into stuff like : 'it's the lost movie' and 'it's godzilla 2' or the Voltron (?) movie...
That trailer looks awesome. Reading these posts before seeing the trailer i was very sceptical about the whole handd-held POV, but for teh trailer that looked pretty great.
I was about to say this looked good, but I don't know if it does or not :p

But I will say it is a great marketing campaign already, and if they keep this up, will be the big hit of next year..
Some had rumoured it was a live-action Voltron, which it is not...I repeat IT IS NOT VOLTRON. But since I've steered the subject that way, they should do Voltron properly one day.

This movie looks cool...and I hope it is. Apparently JJ Abrams got the idea while in a toy store in Japan with his kid.
Apparently JJ Abrams got the idea while in a toy store in Japan with his kid.
Hello Kitty's Revenge?

Actually, I have decided I want it to be Gundam, I love robots...stupid yanks killed Godzilla in the god-awful movie of the same name so my second favourite is taken....

Actually, maybe its 'Chabal: The Movie' by the looks of those explosions it could be him tackling some n00b who dared to walk in the same street as Chabal....

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