11 man starting line-up?

Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by benchwarmer_chriswhitaker, Feb 26, 2005.

  1. hi, i just have a question for some of the people who have already played the game. I noticed in the official EA trailer that each starting line-up (when singing the anthems) only had 11 players - in both the first and second trailer. Just wondering if this is fixed, because its just a minor niggle that should be rectified. I have seen a full game movie yet so am not sure if this is improved in the pre-game movie. any answers would be great.
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  3. Wally

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    Please, do us all a favour and log out, register with a new name and never speak of this thread again.
  4. kinkon89

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    do wat wally says!
  5. He He yeah id take the "compliments" [finger movement] and use them wisely

    as its your destiny

    Sorry got carried away hehe [​IMG]
  6. gjohn85

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    I don't care if the players are wearing Pink thongs in the cut scenes before the game starts (& before u ask..NO I am NOT gay!)

    As long as the game is good who cares about those little cut scene errors there may be! [​IMG]
  7. It isn't an error, the point is that you just can't see all the players. Hence the deservedly barbed comments [​IMG]
  8. I thought the point was that in the first Trailer, which came out on the 5th of January, EA had got it wrong and had only 11 men in each lineup.

    We debated the hell about it. EA were off to another **** start. It's gonna play like a footie game, etc.

    Then all the game clips surfaced, including the demo showing 15 in the XV and we left it that it was an old build of the game that they rushed (without knowing) into the first trailer.

    This happened nearly 2 months ago is what Wally is saying.
  9. kaftka

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    What's your problem? That's a fair enough question. And yes chris, it has been fixed.
  10. kinkon89

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  11. kaftka

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    Oh okay, I didn't see any smilies or anything. Can I just play with him?

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  13. kaftka

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    Only thing is.....she can't fit in the door!!

    Okay, should we stop now before he destoys his computer with rage?
  14. kinkon89

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    its okay his mum takes it as a compliment!

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    i think we shud stop!

    "i think playtime's ova" [​IMG]
  15. But seriously, welcome Benchy.
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