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2014 NRL - General Discussion Thread


Jul 30, 2004
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Pre-season training has started and the Rugby League World Cup has almost drawn to an end - Get excited for the 2014 NRL season!

A few newsworthy stories have surfaced of late, so I though I had better get a 2014 NRL discussion thread started.

Papua New Guinea one step closer to NRL inclusion
PNG will have a team included in the 2014 Queensland cup which is to be based out of Kokopo, north-east of Port Moresby. Despite not recording a win during the pool stages of the RLWC, this is certainly an exciting time for PNG Rugby League considering the exposure they'll now have.

Anasta close to retirement
About bloody time

Bailey eager to defy Father Time
Looks like Luke Bailey will continue on for the ***an for another season or two...or three. He reckons if his body can hold up, then he'll play on until at least 35.

Lockyer backs Barba, Hoffman switch
With Brisbane securing the services of Anthony Milford for 2015, Ben Barba or Josh Hoffman will need to look at moving to five-eighth. Here's hoping we can hold on to all three.
looking forward to the startof nrl season especially state of origin,looking forward to seeing the big guns out there and spotting the new and upcoming stars of 2014,what everyone elses views and what u most looking forward too?
Being a Broncos fan, I'm most looking forward to seeing them improved under the new leadership of Hodges and Parker, as opposed to Thaiday over the past few seasons. They'll be building up to a big 2015. If they don't win the premiership either this year, or more likely 2015, they won't win it for a looooong time after that.

As well as recruiting well for this season, Anthony Milford will be on board in 2015, as will Cameron Smith if all goes to plan. It will also be great to see Jharal Yow Yeh making his long awaiting comeback.

Otherwise, I'm very much looking forward to seeing how much better Penrith can become. If they continue to fire and improve on last year, I'll certainly be making the 2hr trip across the Blue Mountains more often!!!

Melbourne won't be as dominant. Roosters will be formidable. Rabbitohs will be in the top 3. ***ans will be a mixture of good and bad. Tigers will be ****. Canberra will be Canberra. St George will be ****. North Qld and Newcastle will be solid - top 8 for sure. Parramatta will be ****. Manly should be top 4. Sharks will come 6th or 7th. Bulldogs will struggle to make the finals. Warriors will improve, but still be outside the 8.
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I think it depends on who will partner hunt in the pivots and how they go with the broncos personally I would gp with barba? and yes the roosters and rabbitohs will b there or there bouts again both have strong teams with the rabbitohs just taking it for me,manly will depend a lot on there young halfs but they should b able to deliver..im not really upto date with most the other teams although im looking forward to seeing how Tompkins copes with the nrl.
Just saw that two Canadian boys will be training with the Eels for a month, Chris Chalmers and Adam Timler, both guys have mixed between Union and League for a while but it seems they are more commited to advancing in the League side of things, it's happening quite a bit more now that even some of the CRC Union side here are losing overlooked guys to League.

Chalmers is more a power type guy and usually plays in the loosies, played with the BC Bears at a fairly high Union level, while Timler was on the fringes on 7's national team selection. Good luck to them.
yes ive seen about them two guys training with the eels good luck to them I say good advert for league like
What a game so far: hattrick for Radrada and the Beast also scored. Soo many reviews :)
Was good to see my Cows get off with a win after what looked like a losing effort.
Great Weekend so far. Broncos beat the Cowboys, Sea Eagles outclassed the Rabbits, Warriors were absolutely dreadfull in defense and Eels got a reality check today.

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