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2016: Rugby Is Back In The Olympics!


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Sep 18, 2006
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We've done it lads!Â* Yes, Rugby is back in the Olympics.Â* Well, Rugby 7's is in the Olympics.Â* Today the IOC voted 81 to 8 to include Rugby 7's in The Games.Â* We actually got a stronger vote than Golf.Â* So, what is the future of 7's?Â* Will countries like Ireland begin to pump funds into their lacking 7's programme?Â* Does the US stand a chance to defend themselves as the previous Olympic Rugby Gold Medalists (yes, I know it was for 15's, and yes I know that was way back in 1924)?Â* It's an exciting time for our sport, and the minow nations that have been stirring things up in the 7's series.Â*

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