[2018-19 Guinness Pro 14] Round 7 (26 & 27/10/2018)

Discussion in 'Guinness Pro14' started by TRF_heineken, Oct 10, 2018.

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    Blimey, there were some cracking matches this week. Zebre vs Edinburgh looks like it was pretty mundane when I look at the highlights.

    Special mention for the Kings (again). Check out their first two tries.

    Both Klaasens at centre impress me (although not so much in these highlights). Power, pace, running lines and a handy grubber kick. I doubt either will be Kings players next season sadly if they keep performing to this level.

    Also, were Benetton as bad as it looked? Was Rizzi a bit shizzi at fly half or did he show any promise?
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