2020 predictions, sort off

Discussion in 'Super Rugby' started by Gena_ZA, Jan 24, 2020.

  1. Gena_ZA

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    The idea here is not to guess who would win, it gets too emotional when thinking of your own team.
    I am predicting, who I think would be better, worse or more or less the same, based on the 2019 outcome
    Take note for Crusaders to do "the same" means they are still rated no 1 in my books

    Crusaders - same
    Jaguares - down
    Brumbies - same
    Hurricanes - same
    Bulls -down
    Sharks - down
    Chiefs - up
    Highlanders - down
    Lions - down
    Stormers - up
    Rebels - down
    Waratahs - same
    Blues - up
    Reds - up
    Sunwolves -down
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  3. Dave Davies

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    Sep 19, 2018
    Boston, MA (USA)
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    United States

    Getting genuinely excited for Super Rugby to begin again, feels like a long time...

    I heard Nigel Yalden talking about dark horses this year, and pointed out my Highlanders as a potential threat, and I’m sold! Look for Paripari Parkinson to show a new level this year. (As always, all predictions correct or double your money back)
    Oh very agree
  4. mdaclarke

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    Oct 10, 2015
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    You've got 4 teams up, 7 teams down and 4 teams same.

    I assume this means you think that the up teams will be a few places up each and the down teams will be down 1 or 2 places each.

    I think the Stormers may be dark horses this year. They have unbelievable front row and PSDT.
  5. unrated

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    Dec 9, 2010
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    All the Stormers players are talking about this being a year for winning the title, also mentioning the Newlands farewell year that it is. With PSDT and the rest of the front rowwers like @mdaclarke said i think they stand a good chance.

    But the Stormers has just like the Sharks started a year of Super rugby with great promise and then proceeded to capitulate. We will see what the class of 2020 is made off soon enough.

    I think the Sharks will struggle against teams like the Stormers and Jaguares but we will spank teams with less forward dominance, this will rack up bonus points and i can see us making the playoffs again, like every year. Playoffs are not good enough though. A South African team needs to win it, it has not happened since 2010. The Super rugby title is the only one not in the trophy cabinet at SARU.
  6. Woldog

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    Sep 23, 2008
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    Gunna be a good year for the Reds.
  7. TRF_stormer2010

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    Sep 7, 2009
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    The Stormers have had a monster pack and talented backs for a good while now and havn't delivered. Nowhere close. In part due to injuries and lack of depth but IMO more importantly due to lack of quality at 9 and 10. It might be too early for them but in Jantjies and Willemse we have world class quality there now. They are still green enough though for me to reserve calling for us to take out the title. Then also I don't think we have depth, especially in the centers. Maybe reassess in two years?

    Anyway, I have it:

    1 Crusaders

    2 Chiefs
    3 Jaguares
    4 Brumbies
    5 Stormers

    6 Hurricanes
    7 Blues
    8 Reds
    9 Sharks

    10 Bulls
    11 Waratahs
    12 Lions
    13 Highlanders

    14 Rebels

    15 Sunwolves
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  8. Larksea

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    Aug 31, 2010
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    New Zealand

    I think you are pretty much spot on. Tho I know much more about the NZ teams than the others. I see the blues having the potential to go on a run when barrett takes the field but they lack a world class 9 to work with him. The highlanders have a lot of unproven potential, easily the lowest NZ squad on paper but still have the potential to do very well and build as the season rolls on.
  9. Oliver Madden

    Oliver Madden Academy Player

    Jun 20, 2018
    after 3 rounds just my views on each conference.
    NZ - had a bit of a change of heart here. can see the Chiefs potentially piping the Crusaders to win it. they look a very good unit under Gatland. Saders still formidable but I think are relying too much on Mo'unga staying fit all year. they're a much weaker side without him. the Landers and Canes are both very inconsistent. I think they'll probably hover around the lower play-off spots all year. the Blues I'm afraid look same old same old. I know Beauden Barrett is yet to play but I think the Blues will be too far behind the play-off spots when he debuts for him to make a massive difference to their prospects.

    Aus - the weakest of the 3 groups. don't see any of the Aussie sides making an impact in the play-offs. the Tahs look dreadful. The Rebels and Reds are not that great either. the Brumbies are the best team but they have a very limited game-plan which will get neutralised by the better sides as the Highlanders proved on Saturday. think the Brumbies will be the only team from Aus in the quarter-finals.

    SA - a really interesting conference this year. would put the Jags and Stormers as favourites. the Sharks also have a chance if they can be more consistent. don't see the Lions being good enough away from Joburg to make a big impression. I think the Bulls will finish bottom by a margin. Have lost miles too much talent and haven't replaced them. can see 3/4 teams from SA making the play-offs. I'm sticking my neck out and saying the Stormers will win the conference by a good margin.
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