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2022-2023 transfers

Big signing

Will be interesting to see what happens with Stuart and Obano (granted they need to stay fit!!!)
This has to be their thinking. Du Toit's ability to cover both sides means he'll probably just start for whichever of those 2 is inevitably injured.

How are Bath affording all of this though? A side next season could look like:
1. Obano
2. Dunn
3. Stuart
4. McNally
5. Ewels
6. Hill
7. Underhill
8. Bayliss
9. Spencer
10. Russell
11. McConnochie
12. Redpath
13. Lawrence
14. Cokanasiga

15. Gallagher

16. Annett
17. du Toit
18. Rae
19. Roux/Attwood
(not sure what's happening with either of these next season)
20. Barbeary
21. Schreuder
22. Francis
23. Joseph

All internationals in bold

Plus Morozov, although in fairness he won't be on a huge wage, as well as a few other handy non-internationals like Cloete, Coetzee, Reid, Bailey, Ojomoh, Muir and de Glanville who can't be too cheap.
The only think I will say is that we've no idea yet who will ge leaving - expected to be a lot, with plenty that will upset fans.

From your list of be actively surprised if Morozov, Rae, Francis or Joseph remain, and wouldn't be too surprised if we lose all of McNally, Attwood, Roux, Bayliss, Coetzee and McConnochie.

Underhill probably needs to take a leaf out of Tom Rees' book, and retire :(
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Been messed about too much.

Honestly think Exeter trying to make I’m a Simmonds type 8 was such a bad move.

Granted injuries have been very hard on him.

Would take him at tigers still though
Very strange one. He's been getting good game time at Saints; 12 starts and 3 bench appearances. Surely he has something else lined up.
Henry Slade's going to be looking around an empty changing room at this rate.
All this makes me wonder have we got some big signings on the way or are we playong the long game investing in current players.

I really hope its a mix because there are some positions we look weak and some we dont. I just hope its some smart signings and not panic signings because we need players

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