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2025 Lions - Who is on the Tour for you?


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Mar 13, 2019
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Bit of fun following an BIL ad on Faceplant, who makes your Lions team based on the WC performances?

Purely from a Scottish perspecitve, to throw some names in the mix...

I think Finn Russell is well placed to be the leading 10 on this tour potentially, could be one of the last big hurrahs.
Darcy Graham has to be in contention for a wing, lethal strike rate
Maybe George Horne could get a look in at 9 to offer something different
The centres might get a look in, but Aki and Ringrose will be hard to push aside I feel.

Zander should be in the mix
Feel one of the hookers, Cherry or Turner could get a shot
Darge on the back row and maybe Watson if he's still going strong

Outside of the boys in blue, generally speaking, the tight 5 is probably going to be green, maybe some white, maybe one red shirt in there or so? Depends on form for the Welsh guys buy the time selection comes round.
In the back row Tom Curry should be thereabouts, I'd like to hope Darge is there and then some say Morgan is going to be captain material by then... Can also see a green shirt or 2 for sure.

Gibson-Park and Russell for me at half back, Farrell will be the convetional option this tour, probably the Aki/Ringrose centre pairing with Sione and Huw for midweek?

Hanson Graham and Keenan at the back.

Likely much of this won't make it to tour time, I don't know enough about the Welsh boys to be sure who to call into the mix. Mainly picked players working in semi proven settings thus far.

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