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3rd test - England vs New Zealand


St Helens RLFC

The series is over, but there's much to play for in this third test.

Another poor opening spell by England has seen the Kiwis race away to 66-0 as I write this, though there has been some good batting.

England's poor starts have allowed the Kiwis to keep themselves in this series. Some wickets are needed, urgently.
Harmison bowled v. well this morning with no reward. Fleming and Richardson batted very well.

NZ currently at 258-2, Styris and Astle batting (well).
Harmison has just tipped the match upside down. He's taken 2 in 2 and is looking for more.


Two more wickets this evening and England are in position a.
Day one to the Kiwis...............

Especially on good batting pitch and with an even better batting lineup then the previous two tests.

After a good start will we allow the Poms to take over the test for a third time in a row????
NZ have has the upper hand on the first day for the last two tests. In the second test they were in pole position right until Sunday when England made it past thier score and upto 500. then within 2 sessions England had won.
Originally posted by St_Helens_RLFC@Jun 11 2004, 09:32 AM
England need early wickets or this match will be a draw.
day 4 of test match = national collapse day for nz
After the first hour of play, England have struck twice to leave New Zealand at 331-6.
England 225-5 at the close of play.

The morning session will swing this game either way.
Not a bad days sport tomorow, rugby first thing then some cricket, then the real rugby, more cricket and Euro 2004. 225-5, who's still in for England?
Be interesting to see if the pair can survive until lunch and give England a chance of taking a first innings lead.

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