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3rd trial game Vodafone Warriors - Broncos 23/02 7:35 AM in Dunedin.


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Jun 2, 2008
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Warriors are doing well so far. Both sides haven't scored yet after 20 min.
Good win by the Warriors, very entertaining second half. Can't wait till next week when the NRL season kicks off.
I thought it was a quality hit out by both teams.

Thought the Broncos look better, their younger players (especially the backs) will go well when they hit Origin time. And if it stays the same at Origin time, they'll still have their halves pairing of Wallace & Prince, who I thought played better individually than Hoffman. Hodges hasn't looked this dangerous since about 2years ago. It's only a trial but as a QLD fan, I hope it continues. I've thought he's been a wasted jersey in the last couple. They were unfortunate too miss out on those tries. Hannant is getting better and better and Josh McGuire has really come into form since his debut as a battering ram/practice hit by other teams.

More of the same really. Once they get Packer back on board, and all are fit - I'm (biased obviously) thinking they will have the best Prop rotation in the comp. Godinet is a spark and hopefully Elliott will find more use for him than Bluey. Johnson before coming off looked really active, maybe because of Leuluai's influence? Too early to tell. I'm curious as to the centre/wing pairing - I know they consider Tupou to be 'senior' but with both him and Hurrell they are looking at some bigger defensive gaps by better playing/smarter teams. Although, they did pretty well. Taylor at hooker is not going to work long term, glad that Godinet/Mara and possibly Waddell are in the mix.

Player of the Day?
The referees. Although the Warriors got the shaft on some calls. I thought this new "Call it a try before it's referred" is Awesome. And "Try" that was called in the corner, which everyone (even the commentators) thought was a try was called "Out" by the Touch Judge and was proven correct.

Referees making the right calls on their own? Who would've known...

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