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6 nations champion?

Discussion in '2018 NatWest Six Nations' started by Incredible Schalk, Jan 14, 2008.

  1. Whose going to win this 6 nations then? surely this will be the closest 6 nations ever with no standout team. Teams like Ireland and France who have been the best in the last few years flopped big time in the world cup. Scotland and especially England had a very good world cup. Wales and Italy were slightly dissapointing, especially the former. It seems to have balanced out each team to a similar level. I cant see the Irish winning after the WC, it will probably be between France,England and Wales in my opinion.

    Discuss :ph34r:
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  3. stormmaster1

    stormmaster1 Guest

    England are looking good. Their pack took them to the WC final and the pack is largely unchanged. They may look better with some younger inventive players behind the scrum. The main questions are will the team gel like it did in the knockout stages of the world cup? will Johnny get injured? and would it be better for England if he did?

    My 100% non-biased prediction :p : 2nd

    Wales are unpredictable at the best of times. They have the backs to ignite any match, but imo lack a little forward ooompth to be real challengers. That said Gatland and Edwards are two coaches who can add some steel and tenacity to any side. They could be the coaches that finally release the dragon, but will they have had enough preparation time this year?

    My prediction: =3rd

    France must be fuming. They had their chance at the world cup, failed to ignite against the Argies, produced a commited display with a telling finish against the no1 side before shrinking into their shells once more. Against England in Paris they will be up for revenge. they could get a grand slam, they could win only 2 games. I reckon they will get their act together to show all how the french play rugby on their way to the title.

    My Prediction: 1st

    Ireland. Hmmmmmm. Last 6N they were within striking distance of a first championship since black and white telly, but somehow slipped up. They have got to find that spark which somehow eaded them in the world cup. BOD needs to show once again why he is the greatest centre ever, and the team needs to rediscover its heart. Plenty of experience there, but are they starting to look like dad's army?

    My prediction: 5th and EOS on his way out

    Scotland look promising. They had a decent world cup and their provinces have had some good displays this season. With the great Jason White repelling all comers don't expect the Scots to go down with anything less than a fight. They may be a little short on class and tight game know-how for the title, but i'm expecting a decent campaign from them.

    My Prediction: =3rd

    Italy aren't just there to make up the numbers, but if the previous weaker sides in Wales and Scotland get the resurgence they are hoping for then Italy will be left at the bottom of the pecking order. Let's hope they don't get whitewashed though.

    My Prediction: 6th

    Overall it's just too difficult to predict accurately as there is so much change in most sides. I'm just hoping England don't go backwards and we have an exciting tournament.
  4. dullonien

    dullonien Guest

    Excellent post Stormmaster, agree entirely.
  5. getofmeland

    getofmeland Guest

    If I had to rank who I felt would win the Six Nations, which I do...

    So here it is:

    1 = England
    2 = France
    3 = Scotland
    4 = Wales
    5 = Ireland
    6 = Italy

    However I expect there to be a couple that swap over... its never straight forward...
  6. Some good predictions so far, they pretty much echoe my thoughts. Thinking about it now i think Wales will edge Scotland for 3rd as they are playing them at the Millenium stadium. I think Scotland can beat France though..
  7. I really don't think Ireland are going to be such a drastic failure. Yes, they had a terrible World Cup, but this is an entirely new tournament. They have some classy players, and I really can't see them finishing as low as 5th.
  8. Mr.cyclopede

    Mr.cyclopede Guest

    Would like to believe in your prediction Stormaster.

    Sure rage against the machine will be blue. Now will it be enough against the young but already experienced white pack ? Also is the 6N's first rendez-vous a regular weak point of the French, Scotland/France is a big hazard.

    So much things to rearrange with the numerous retiring players (Ibanez, Dominici), who certainly were not always 100% performant (Pelous), but had a strong role and vision of game in the team.
    So will we have time to organise something, with the new players Lievremont will like to see, how fast will the mayonnaise take ?

    So my 2 predictions

    4 IRELAND (despite the big deception in RWC, Irish big spirit and creation in the H cup)
    5 WALES
    6 ITALY
  9. DonBilly

    DonBilly Guest

    My prediction:

    1. England
    2. Ireland
    3. France
    4. Italy
    5. Scotland
    6. Wales

    England have got some momentum from the last RWC and new talents such as Cipriani are fed into the team. France could stop them to get the title but with their new coaches and new players it will take more than a 6N turnament to get it running. It should be more interesting during the November test-match.

    I don't think there will be Grand Slam and the first teams will be ranked based on the point difference.

    Italy should improve with Nallet training. They should stiick to conservative game plans that should wotk versus Wales and Scotland.

    Wales will be the failing side.
  10. I think from Scotlands point of view this could either be a great year or a wooden spoon. If they were going to make a genuine title challenge then England and France at home with Ireland,Wales and Italy away is ideal. We should get a few wins but as ever the focus will be if for once our pack can get some decent front foot ball. Except Wales, we have the weakest pack, although some excellent individuals.
  11. shazbooger

    shazbooger Guest

    England: Havent a clue really what to expect. Some of the new talent coming through isnt really as new as people percieve it to be. Cipriani, if given a chance, could have a big impact on the tournament but looking over the squad, I just dont see much to inspire fear in the opposition. Dont get me wrong, I'm not saying they will be a walkover, but were all waiting to see if this new talent is all hype or actually has any substance. I think Scotland and France will target these guys big time and I wouldnt be surprise if this is where their campaign comes off the rails after two opening wins.

    Ireland: Well obviously since we underperformed in the WC were doomed to lose all our matches and pick up a wooden spoon on the way. Yeah right, keep dreaming lads. It wont be a winning season as were going to lose to France in Paris, but we'll be playing for the championship and the triple crown (whoopideedoo!) in Twickers on our final match, mainly because I just dont see Scotland, Italy or Wales beating us in Croke Park. Thats more a reflection of the game in the NH as apposed to Irelands brilliance, but thats just the way I see it at the moment.
  12. From a scottish point of view, as mentioned before, this could go 2 ways. The thing that was missing from scotlands play during the world cup was a bit of imagination going forward. hopefully, although i think we will miss sean L, Thom Evans will seize his chance and show the country why he should have been in the World Cup squad.

    as for the title, i think it will be another year atleast before Scotland can dare to dream of the title, so this year i can see it being a straight fight between France and England, and bearing in mind France have home advantage against them (and the fact i think Scotland can reclaim the Calcutta Cup) i think they will clinch it again.
  13. stormmaster1

    stormmaster1 Guest

    Some good points. Scotland rugby is looking up though, as they have improved game on game under Hadden i think they've got as good a chance as they are ever likely to get to notch up some big wins, but like you say they have weaknesses which will likely stop a title attempt.

    Wales' optimism comes from the talent in their backline, from knowing they underperformed in the world cup and from their new coaching setup. Their lack of grit is their stumbling block. The ability of Edwards and Gatland to instill this is where they wil triumph or fail imo.

    Ireland: maybe my 5th place prediction is harsh, but i honestly feel Ireland are capable of capitulating further. They do however still have the players to win the title, should they get it together.

    I suppose similar could be said of England, but i'm biased so i won't B)
  14. Stillknox

    Stillknox Guest

    Quite honestly, I think France has the best squad in terms of talents. I could tell it of England, but to me, some really good new players misses in their squad...

    But, the french side remains unstable. New coaches, new tactics more based on offensive play... and we may endure many turnovers over the matches, to test some new players inevitably inexperienced. Plus, England has now a large mental advantage against France in big matches... so i'd go for an English win, with a decisive win at Le Stade de France. (and it costs me to say it, believe me)

    I don't see Ireland, Scotland, Italy or Wales winning it this year, but I don't think we'll see a Grand Slam neither, the competiton will be too close. So I bet an Irish win at Twickenham...
  15. RC

    RC Guest


    I can't accept that ireland will perform as badly as they did in the RWC.
    They won't do it. Plus, they love that fecking triple crown too much to let any of the other teams to take it.

    Wales won't have enough preparation with Gatland to make an impact this year.
    They'll win a few, but next year they'll be more dangerous.
  16. Well here's my take on Scotland's chances:

    We've got a fair bit of grunt upfront. As shown against Ireland in the summer, we took their pack to pieces. Our scrum needs work, but given that Jacobson, Ford and Kerr have been playing together at Edinburgh I think that we'll see an improvement. The consisitency of that front row could be key for us. Hines has been in excellent form in France, Hamilton is also going to be a big player for us. Murray's experience could be important too, even if only from a squad point of view. In the back row is where our real strength lies. Hard hitting leaders in White and Hogg who can turn over the ball at the break down, Taylor - while struggling for game time in France with Stade - is still a big player. If he sorts his discipline out, who knows? Al Strokosh has been a fantastic player for Glouscester since he quit Edinburgh, and Ross Rennie has been in great form this year since establishing himself at Edinburgh last year. Both inexperienced but could turn the heat up on the more established back row players. Pressure for places is something we've not had for a while.

    Our backline has had it's share of selection problems, especially 10,12 and 13. This year, I think we have two option...depending on how we want to play. If we want to play a tactical kicking game, go with Parks at 10. A running game, go with Paterson or Godman. The latter has been in excellent form recently and he's also been working on his kicking game which has come on leaps and bounds in recent weeks. In the midfield, I think we should move away from Dewey. At first he was a very useful player. But defences in the Magner's League have found him out at Ulster, so how will he fare at international level? I prefer to see Henderson at 12. Experience is what we need, and he's solid in defence and is a line breaker too. At 13, there's only really one choice for us. Nick De Luca. An absolutley key player for Edinburgh this year. Excellent skills, fast, strong and big in defence he's what we've not had at 13 for a while. We've got strength in the back 3. Rory Lamont, Paterson and Webster are the 3 I'd like to see starting at 15,14 and 11. But we've also got players like Cairns, Southwell and Thom Evans (though I do doubt whether or not he'd be able to cope with international level right now).

    We've got our best shot at it for a while. It's a young team, but with leaders and a hunger to do well and with a high work rate as shown at Edinburgh and Glasgow. We have no one to fear, and I think the fact we face France and England at home could be key. We can beat them at home, I think we will. Our defence is strong, we have the world's best goal kicker and we're starting to develop a sence of attack. We need consistency and get wins away from home, but I think we will see that this year.

    I'm not saying we're going to win, but I think we have a chance.
  17. stormmaster1

    stormmaster1 Guest

    Overall i thnk we can all say there is so much change it is going to be hard to predict much. The best prediction i think so far was by Stillknox: no grand slam.

    Wales have a weak pack but Edwards could sort out their defence a bit and their pack can turn it on occaisionally (see versus England in Cardiff last year). I think every side has a chance in every match this year, something i haven't felt for a long time. Every side has had changes, with Ireland having the least. That may work in their favour as we may be expecting most new sides to have a high error count.

    The changes may also mean sides are more at risk of a string of poor results, and the first round i thnk will be very important. If Wales win at Twickers i'd expect them to do very well. Last time they beat England on the opening match it was a distinctly average (imo-i know i'm going to get slated for this) performance but the confidence taken from it propelled them to a fantastic grand slam. France and Ireland are also two teams who need confidence. If they struggle in round one then doubts may creep in.
  18. nam97

    nam97 Guest

    Here is my pick without any explanation:

  19. danny

    danny Guest

    This is the hardest 6n to predict for years but i think it will be something like:
    1 France
    2 England
    3 Ireland
    4 Wales
    5 Scotland
    6 Italy

    France for all of their changes still have a squad with bags of talent and one of the best back three in world rugby, so i see them coming out on top. England have got a good chance of building some momentum with the first two games and who knows once they are on a roll.Ireland seem very stale but they have to improve on their showing in the WC,so expect to see a very fired up Ireland side(can Hayes continue at tight head as he has been a real weakness for years). Wales for all of their problems up front should be better this year with a new coaching set up ,so no wooden spoon this year. Scotland could upset the applecart with victorys against France and England at home but i doubt they will win both so another barren year for the jocks who have only 2 teams playing top flight rugby. Italy will be last.
    The above is only a mixture of guess work and opinion so please dont hold me to it
  20. stormmaster1

    stormmaster1 Guest

    That's about all the rest of our predictions are
  21. thrustfulemu

    thrustfulemu Guest

    I think england will win it theyve got a fresh new line up of fantastic players, although i reckon france could still give them a run for their money. Also Italy could do very well in comparison to years gone past
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