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6N Injuries thread

Discussion in '2018 NatWest Six Nations' started by Prestwick, Feb 5, 2008.

  1. Prestwick

    Prestwick Guest

    Considering we have enough dead or nearly dead people just from the first weekend to fill an army to sweep the world, here is a thread to chat about updates to player injuries.


    ...Tom Rees out for eight weeks with damaged ligaments in his knee while David Strettle could also be out for up to eight weeks (although it could be four at the earliest) with damage to his metatarsal in his left foot. Also Mike Tindall remains in hospital with a bruised liver (his fault for drinking tbh) and pain found Lewis Moody with damage to his heel. Nick Easter is still a doubt with knee trouble and Coach Brian Ashton is waiting on news about Mark Regan who is in a pub somewhere in Bristol sulking.
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  3. the SRU dont seem to have a clue when Lamont will be back, and Hines is expected to make saturday.

    And i suspect Henderson and Traille may be suffering from handbag-inflicted injuries aswell! ;)
  4. Prestwick

    Prestwick Guest

    Perfect school-yard scuffle that was, poor Henderson, he never hurt a fly :c
  5. Henderson has been cleared to play this weekend, so thats some good news. Without both Lamonts we have almost no hope of scoring tries in the backs, so we need Paterson back in the side. Full back would do..

    I dont really support England, but it must be pretty gutting that Strettle is out, he is one of my favourite players at the moment and that electric pace and step would have been difficult for the Italian goons to contain.
  6. Charles

    Charles Guest

    After Poux and Fritz , Vermeulen is out for the Tournament with a broken rib. Picamoles (20) from Montpellier comes in, teammate of Trinh-Duc and Ouedraogo. Another first cap in the squad. I tell you people, this year is the year to target France, it's been a long time we had such an inexperienced squad. Next year will be to late....
  7. MunsterMan

    MunsterMan Guest

    Gordon D'arcy is out with a broken arm. Paul O'Connell is rumoured to return against Scotland but in my opinion, as good a player as he is, he doesn't desere to jump straigh back in to the number 5 jersey.
  8. RC

    RC Guest

    Alyn Wyn Jones - damaged some ligament in his foot. Big pansy.
    Jon Thomas - Pencilled in, but could be (and should be) out due to concussion.
  9. Get In Lads!

    Get In Lads! Guest

    England Prop Andy Sheridan is out with "an abscess adjacent to his right Achilles tendon. Despite receiving intravenous antibiotics and undergoing a minor operation on Tuesday to drain the infection, Sheridan has not recovered sufficiently to be considered."

    Thats a quarter of my fantasy Six Nations team out with injury after the first weekend now...
  10. Prestwick

    Prestwick Guest

    Who is willing to wager that all of the Six Nations will be fielding teams drawn heavily from the under-19 sides by the last weekend? :lol:

  11. right, gonnae make sure you drop all scots that may be in your team? (we cant afford to loose any more)

    Ive only lost 1 so far (Lamont), although I did select a few players injured to begin with! :eek:
  12. w3lshrugby

    w3lshrugby Guest

    Phil Vickery injured as well now - England really have got some problems!
  13. stormmaster1

    stormmaster1 Guest

    Is that a problem? or a blessing in disguise. Now all we need is a mysterious illness for Balshaw.
  14. Fantasy King

    Fantasy King Guest

    David Bortolussi is now injured for the Italians - a big blow after the way he kicked (and played) against England. He suffered a shoulder injury while training with his club. Out for 6 weeks.

    On the bright side, Marco Bortolami is back in at lock.
  15. dundeesmiffy

    dundeesmiffy Guest

    Jason White out with head injury.
    NAE USE!
  16. pallaovale

    pallaovale Guest

    Bortolussi, Nitoglia, Robertson k.o.

    Disaster situation for Italy

    Bortolami cames back

    The only good news for Italy
  17. Charles

    Charles Guest

    Millo-chluski out, Thion comes in.
    Elissalde out, Yachvili in.
  18. Barclay cuts his hand. at a dinner party. ok. how did you manage that one John? ;)
  19. Fantasy King

    Fantasy King Guest

    John was sitting with his drink, minding his own business when his mate sat on him, breaking the glass and slicing Barclay's finger. John required 9 stitches. His mate's arse got off free.

    In other news, Irish Dempsey picked up a knock to his left hip in training on Thursday so Geordan Murphy has been recalled to the squad as a precaution.
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