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A couple of questions



Hi there,

Just a couple of questions to the guys who know:

1. Anybody seen any rain fall? If yes does it influence gameplay?
2. Anybody know where to find the files for tweaking the game play?
3. Has anybody created a list of encrypted names of files to what they actually contain.


1. Yes and yes. Gameplay slower and more difficult handling.
2. No
3. Already been posted somewhere, can't remember where though.
Question for u - do u not have the game yet?
Hi Jaco,

Thanks for the prompt reply, really appreciate it.

Yip I do have the game. I have played round about 11 games and not seen any rain yet!


That's cool. I've played a few more and mostly tournaments. I think someone said u could only get rain in Scotland in Play Now. I'v ehad rain at Canberra in Play Now. But they go back to old days with mud as if the field is badly maintained.

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