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A few things i have noticed ...



just thought i would post a few things that i had noticed during game play

1) the computer never gets caught offside and very rarely gives penalties away.

2) the computer seems to get away with forward passes quite a lot.

3) when the computer is on an advantage behind the try line if you tackle them or charge down a kick and the ball goes loose and your player gets the ball you get a try

4) sound seems to dip out occasionaly!

5) fight scenes are good but no one seems to get carded at any time...shame about that....would also be nice to have some sort of contrtol ove fights like in NHL games

overall its a great game, shame about not having more camera angles and there not being any unlockables...oh and the whole turnover thing but its still very cool.
Yeh, thats all true what you said.

Still a great game tho.

I'd rather not control the fights, you don't want a Rugby Sim all of a sudden turning into Mortal Kombat. I think tho that you choosing players in your XV that have high agression and low disiplin (thus resulting in those fight cutscenes) should result in cards tho. Otherwise your more or less rewarded with a cool cutscene for making a pretty straight forward coaching blunder (see also: Troy Flavell, or more recently: Ali Williams).

Jamie Gough
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people always looking negatives. why dont you go play WCR chump[/b]

as i said its still a great game (as is WCR) its just a shame that little things detract from how good it is and that ea are unlikely to ever release a patch for it!!
Originally posted by contepomi@Mar 21 2005, 08:52 PM
WCR was not really a great game. I much preferred Rugby 2004.
Really? WCR wasn't perfect, but it was so much more playable than Rugby 2004. Each to their own I suppose......
I highly disagree with number one, m17ogg. I've played matches and I have seen the opposition offside (though it IS quite rare) and have gotten penalties too, such as killing the ball, collapsing scrum, etc. Also, the computer has been given a yellow card in a match too. It was pretty funny when he walked off all sad-like.
Things like the lack of any real player names on WCR annoyed me, although I accept it was a good game and I like playing it. I need club games if its going to be a long term option though, thats why I constantly played Rugby 2004 every day for an entire year.
Indeed the AI does collapse scrums and lineouts, particularly near their own line. I played Brescia in a world league match and they did it twice.
I think a slider would be a good option, so you could turn up [or down] the liklihood of the AI commiting foul play.

Jamie Gough
There's something similar to that under My Rugby. Check Gameplay Options for Fatigue, Knock-On, and Injury sliders. Not a glamorous as a Madden or NBA Live slider menu, but it's just....there.
yeah ok the computer sometimes collapses scrum/maul and get penatlies/sent to the bin but when they are offside you never get an advantage/penatly from it.

i found out a good thing about the offside (its a bit of a cheat) but when i am tryin to find a player who is onside (L trigger) and they take the ball out and he is offside i just make a tackle and make a player run as far offside as he can then when they take the ball out tackle again and then the advantage is over. i know its a cheat but i got sick of giving away offside penatlies when i didn't htink i was offside
and not getting any in return

damn those refs!!!

i still love the game
and i still suck which is even better (sometimes i have trouble scoring on easy!!! whats with that????) still havn't lost a match on easy or normal but having trouble winning on hard

excellent game but still didn't live up to the hype. i still like 2004 hated wcr but thats just me

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