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A good half-back?



Hey guys who are some recommendations for a good half back?

i want someone who isnt too prominent like gregan or something but a good value for money buy...

cool- anyone with really good speed?

and maybe a little info on why they are a good half?

thanks heaps
id proberbly look at blues halfback bill fulton hes got quite good speed and a decent pass. hes ranked in the game as a Fly Half but is actually a srum half. Srum half is listed as his secondary postion but u can play him at halfback it woudnt make a difffence.
Pichot is quite expensive, but has brilliant passing skills and is very quick around the pitch.
Chris Cusiter of scotland - cheap, low maintenance and hes got a supreme pass. jinky wee bugger aswell
Not sure how much he's worth as I've only used him in a European Trophy, but Jason Spice is excellent, he has a 91 for passing.
yup Spice is good, fits perfectly into the "annoying whingy git but you know he can play" category of scrummies.
i got weepu early in the game. he is cheap, better kicker than hellfar, so early on in the game, i recomend him, later on though, once you get a fh that can kick, you might as well get someone else...
In World League I recommend Putting Chupin at Halfback, move either Evans or James to Centre and than put Damm on one of the Wings - that guy carves up in Div 3.

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