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A Guide to Rugby Viewing



To All Concerned:
Can we build a "Guide to Rugby Viewing?" ie. a place where people can figure out how to view rugby where they live. It seems at least once a month if not more Americans are asking "does anyone know where I can catch rugby matches in the US?" It would be easy to then direct them to the Viewing Guide so they can know their options...I would be glad to compose the US section, if others would also contribute describing all the options (both free and pay).
What do you think?
That sounds great O'Roth. I suppose it would take a fair bit of time but it'd be a welcome addition to the RWC section.

I guess it would only be relevant in countries such as the USA because here in Australia, over in New Zealand and the European countries etc, you will be able to go down to almost any licensed establishment and watch it.

What cities will you do it for? Maybe there should be a poll made to ask who is from what cities in the USA and would benefit from such a guide. Just a suggestion :)
I'm not necessarily talking about where to go, but rather, can you get it in your home, and if not, then what are your options. For example the USA is fairly easy if you want to watch Rugby you have this option:
Setanta Sports
it is available via Directv, via Broadband (although it doesn't show everything), via ITVN and via Globecast.
Go to http://na.setanta.com to get full details.
Then I'd list how to find it in a pub, which again I'd have to point them back to Setanta, 'cause it's our only freaking shot.

For you all it might be a bit more complicated as you have multiple avenues for watching it. But I'd list free opportunities first, followed by subscription channels, then followed by some sort of pub guide.
I like this idea mate... maybe it could be updated weekly with Rugby on Tele that week...
I like this idea mate... maybe it could be updated weekly with Rugby on Tele that week...
Yeup...good idea. The more we can help people outside of the great rugby nations to get exposure to our game, the better. I talk to a lot of American Ruggers who have know idea of European or Southern Hemisphere Rugby.
there is a definite to educate the masses and spread the gospel, rugby literacy in the U.S. is a major challenge for the few missionaries residing in this giant country - lead on I say Father O'Rothlain!

P.S. Don't forget places like BigPond for NRL, Super League TV, and other websites i.e. Connacht has their matches online i think plus the Scottish Union has games from their league...this might require some research and input, doesn't the RFU show games on their site as well?