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a hidden agenda?...

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(keep in mind that this is my opinion)

it has long been confirmed by the man himself that retirement from top level footy is in his best(and only) interest at this point of time..correct me if im wrong but has any journalist questioned umaga with "if there was an injury that depleted our stocks in that centre position and you were called upon duty for this world cup campaign would you accept"? or "would you ever put on the black jersey again and play just 'once'?"..i know these are pretty silly questions...although when someone says they retire that is not the case at times...(hey michael jordan returned and played 2 more years after his golden era that almost spanned 20years)..what was umagas explaination for his retirement???...its for his family?...he felt he has done everything he can do?...stress?...

yes..well this just came to mind to me tonight..after watching him play for the hurricanes in the super14..ill answer one of those questions quite simply..this one "he felt he has done everything he can do?"..NO SIR!!!...he was in amazing shape for even his own description of how he feels today..maybe he is just humble but he still has the skillset that made him one of the best centres in the world when he was playing test footy...let me rewind you back to the lions series and answer the question of "stress?"..he was VERY VERY stressed...it is very well known to the nz public that umaga despised bad media press of his team mates and of himself especially...he has all the traits of an island upbringing..you put shame on your name and you are a big disgrace to your family..ask gay guy..infact ask any pacific islander you know and ask them about pride in the family name...reputation is one of the things our families are heavily built on..and i was so annoyed when umaga was torched by the northern hemisphere press and media...he was made to look a cheat..and you northerners may feel that way..but in NO WAY at all umaga is naturally like that..so you can imagine the hard times he and his family went through with this in mind...hey when umaga arrived on our scene he was one of the WORST tacklers in the game and was known for alot of illegal tackles..he did his best to hone his tackling technique and the results show and still show today...the stress factor and the pressure as captain of the all blacks plagued him...he made it known it was hard to peservere..hell after winning the lions series he let out a little tear of enjoyment and satisfication...

now that first question im answering...his family???..now maybe im just a staunch rugby fan that wants to see umaga back but didnt he say that he was sick of leaving his family constantly?...yet he travelled to france and made a couple 100 thousands playing around over there? he did have his family with him but wont that trouble getting there and coming back be the same as him travelling?..maybe not directly but his home is wellington and his family belong there....i can however picture umaga just experimenting with france or europe for that matter in order to establish a lifestyle there..after the world cup???...

what am i getting at???

well as the ***le suggests a hidden agenda..as silly as it sounds it can be very logical..a master stroke again from the master himself..graham henry??...who knows but this is my opinion...ill tell you now that i wouldnt be surprised at all if umaga makes his return to the world cup for his last stint for nz rugby...umaga was injured at the previous 2 world cups..is this retirement his r and r from the big bad world of rugby??..i am sure there is that burning desire in him for the world cup..as is every other player in the world...but wouldnt his be shining and burning brighter???...and wouldnt henry recognise this???..recognise this alot to cover umaga while he regains the physical,mental and emotional energy for one last hurrah???..

could henry and umaga cut a deal they only knew of to protect umaga's mentality for world cup glory??..as scripted as it sounds it could become live...umaga is STILL to me the best centre in this part of the hemisphere..there are only a few players that you could throw on the field after long stints away from that level of gameplay and umaga is one of them...look at our 13 jersey and who is there??..umaga is better then any of them by a mile...we are still building them..conrad smith,nonu,muliaina but surely they havent solidified that place as umaga or bunce has done...with the 22 players our ab coaches have rested is umaga the one they really need that bad?...by shutting him away from the media and the world by announcing a figment retirement..so he can just "play rugby" and rediscover the enjoyment of it...not many kiwi's couldnt turn up the offer of him pulling on the jersey again...he is that good...and look at his team that he has led since him turning captain...they obey him and serve him as a king...and if he was to be revealed as a player amongst them in the world cup squad for france you wonder how much impact that will have?..and how much confidence that it would instill into them...it would be MASSIVE..again you look at our midfield and maybe they are developing replacements for him in the mean while?...

wishful thinking?...hopeful thinking? or master stroke of intellectual genius on the part of henry and tana?..

what ever happens happens...i hope this happens...umaga is a great player..still to this day..he has been under constant scrutiny by the rugby community including our own..could this be his answer to it all?

if there is any bolters in that all blacks squad i hope it is him but then again i wouldnt be surprised if he was included

~ the 101
Bro, thats some deep thinking right there !!! Umaga is one of my all time favourites and I will be praying that he returns for a final shot at the world cup.

I was gutted last year when the Crusaders won the Super 14, i thought a win for the Hurricanes would have been a good send off for Umaga.
hey..notice how we dont bother with umaga anymore in the media?..he was constantly assessed when he was ab's captain..jounalist always questioned..and they always said he wasnt the "best captain" we have had..compliments or our best jounal.."wynne gray"..

nothing went unnoticed when tana played for any team while he was captain..when you watch him paly now it looks like he has a new lease of life...he is rediscovering the game "without" the heavy pressure again...
He certainly does have a spring in his step these days and he is in excellent shape. We will see what happens in the next few months,
that's an awesome theory! let's hope it turns out true!
i still haven't seen a hurricane game yet, i'm definately goin to watch it next week tho!
That is one of the most mystifying theory I've ever read about rugby and it's something that I hope will happen. :cheers:

Tana's perfomance against the Chiefs (bar his mistake at the tryline) was awesome. No other current NZ centre plays like him or exerts authority & style like him.

And, yes without the captaincy hanging around his head, he does seem to go up another notch.

Good work Chiro. Vinaka.
abit far fetched..i know..but it is possible..maybe it wont be a hidden agenda and it isnt planned..and umaga puts his hands up..coz i hope he does..he is our best centre..and no one in nz can dispute that..thats why they playing mix n match with the ab midfielders..but why?..just slot in tana and we good to go...hopefully this happens..he will diffinitely strengthen our chances of winning the world cup thats fo sho!
DAMN That's some deep shyt, Great theory bro and yes I will back you up about the P.Is taking pride in our names, damn I can't remember how many times my dad gave me beltings & lectures about embarrassing the family name every time I got in trouble wit the Police or at school.

Great stuff Chiro. I hope this happens. :bravo:

Honorable Mention: I think they should try Hosea Gear as the next centre for the Mighty A. Bs.
I hope he does return. He's playing to well not to be naturaly selected for the AB's.
CHEAT i called this theory way back when he announced his retirement...just ****** off now the SAMOAN once again getting more recognition then the TONGAN this BOARD is a conspiracy...

JOKES u da man CHIRO
Haha...I posted something about Umaga throwing games lol....but in it I too questioned whether Umagas reasons for retirement was pure crap! Who says they are retiring to be with their family only to jump on a plane and go to far off France???????? SUSPICIOUS!!!!!!
indeed..as soon as he jetted off to france..i was like what the f***?..a minute ago he was retiring from international duty now hes in france?...

hahhaa...hope he comes back for one last hurruh..if anything he will be the piece of the puzzle that all blacks have being trying to solve for yonkaz..."the world cup picture"

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