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Discussion in 'Super League / Northern Hemisphere' started by Fa'atau82, Mar 22, 2008.

  1. Fa'atau82

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    Hi guys,

    I don't really follow RL much, but am starting to watch some on TV and am interested in it.

    I just wondered.. who are the teams to look out for, who are the players to look out for and who are the best Pacific Islanders in the SuperLeague?

    I ask because i thought i saw the other day that many of the top Samoan stars in the SuperLeague have opted to play for Samoa rather than NZ, which is the complete reverse situation in RU.

    I just require someone to point me in the right direction and tell me what it is all about.

    Last time i watched RL with any interest was when Martin Offiah played for Wigan.. that will probably tell you the challenge.. lol
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  3. melon

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    I think the deal with players opting to play for Samoa is because the Rugby League World Cup in later this year and the rules regarding country representation are a lot more relaxed, so some of the players that are deciding to play for Samoa, can turn around and put their hand up and say they are eligible for NZ or English selection next year. This is only the case with fringe players/players that haven't played for their chosen #1 country yet.

    In international rugby league, outside of Australia, NZ and GB/England, its still very amateur. These international relaxing of rules like these will be beneficial for the time being.
  4. yeah i saw that nigel vagana is captianing the samoans! its somewhat fustrating, but the stick wacks both ways i guess, such as union.

    not sure if ive said this before, but when the super14 started up again, i thought to myself, this is going to be f***ing boring. rwc, rugby overload!!!!!, and found that i really enjoyed it. like, not just enjoyed it, loved it! and then i caught some of the nrl games too, with the same thought of mind, rugby overload, but f***ing loved it too.
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