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A Plea from a Rugby Fan



Hi Guys

I dont usually like to do this, but I believe even if 10% of the members sign this petition it would be great for the club I love and support...


The Petition is to keep Bath Rugby at the Recreation Ground in Bath... Anyone who has ever been to the ground will realise that it is unique and one of a kind... Bath are looking to improve the facilities to help make it a better ground... Bath Rugby have been playing Rugby on the Recreation Ground in Bath since 1894, and is the spirtual homes of one of English Rugbys most famous Clubs.... So I plea for anyone who is a fan of rugby and the history of rugby, to sign this petition it will take a maximum of 5 minutes, its not a lot to ask..

Thank you for Listening and I hope you do sign it




You just fancy the chick behind the bar don't you?

Will sign it asap for you....hope she appreciates all our efforts to keep her in a job though.
Who doesnt want a woman stood behind a bar with a pint in hand, ready and waiting for you... Plus she is rather fit...
When there's a damsel in distress.... always glad to oblige, have sent the link to a few other mates around the land.
She is quite hot isnt she...
well, when i visit Bath, i'd get to the bar definitely! at least i can tell er that i've helped in keeping her job safe... lol

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