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A Political Thread pt. 2

I feel described - though the name would be "2nd half of GenX" - brought up on hackysacks and rejecting "greed is good"

As for the elephant in the room - I'd say that these same people are fairly strongly pro-EU - just as much as the millennials, and for much the same reason (we went to uni with a load of EU nationals, and have been EU citizens from birth)
Have to say as a elder Millennial have a lot in common GenXers and many friends are. Generational theory does have some truth and ********. But the real dividing seams to be Boomers are too broad and there is a big difference between those bought up immediately in post-war Britain (1946 and those during the 1958 onwards 60's).

My parents who we born 1960/61 and my wife parents (born 1944/46) show a far greater ideological gap from those 16 years than anyone I know born since the early 60's.

It make some sense culturally 80's Britain and post-war Britain were very diffrent from the USA I those time periods. Britain suffering more economically and strike action being more prevalent. Also not partaking in the Vietnam war. Combine with receding of the Empire. They only really more intertwined with Clinton/Bush/Blair administrations and further globalisation of sharing of media.

So the year definitions of USA generations xant be applied in the same way.

The government's contempt for the rule of law and their ability to desperately try to defy their own inquiries is staggering. It's very yes minister esque. "Oh hang on, the inquiry wasn't supposed to actually find anything!"


So first we were going to get a painless deal and stay in the market and keep all the perks, then Brexiteers were advocating a hard Brexit, doing away with all the rules and agreements and reverting to WTO rules with tariffs, now re-Smog is arguing about the benefits of joining a trading bloc and reducing tariffs! This is what I can't stand about this type of Brexiteer, there is no position, their views flop all over the place, with completely contradicting positions both being used to justify Brexit. There has been no consistency in what Brexiteers argued for, no consistency in it's implementation, no thought, no clue, it was a knee jerk reaction to years of pent up emotion that was fuelled by gutter press bullshit and political convenience scapegoating the EU for everything.

I really wish these people would either just own up to their fuckup and/or **** off and let us get on with the job of cleaning up them mess they got us into. After years of remainers being told "shut up, you lost", I think it's now time to change that to the remaining Brexit supporters "shut up, you ****** up."
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You what ****** me off the most. It's the idea that their job should be 'private'. In most other jobs you have a work email or number that you use for work purposes and this is controlled by the company. It is not 'private' and if you misuse it then you face the consequences.

MPs are public servants, elected by the people to serve the people (although many don't see it that way). The people are their bosses, not the other way round and the people should have a right to see what was said in an inquiry like this. It is not for MPs so claim 'privacy' to try and protect themselves. Honestly, they only give a **** about themselves.
Definitely won't have helped win over those worried about his age. Fall ain't great, but it happens. However, getting up he just looks like an old man struggling and needs some help.
I just didn’t want to click on it and see it. He’s far too old to be POTUS and be even more frail for the next one. This will just be another weakness for Trump to attack, not that he’s got anything to brag about on the age front.
Not sure if anyone has been paying attention to silly stunts the Republicans have been pulling recently but one of them was under the whole "protect the children" guise, banning a variety of books from schools and libraries. Generally this was around content deemed violent or, more often, anything that could be deemed "sexual" by a pearl clutching parent worried about their children catching the gay from a book or similar. Suffice to say, like most of these knee-jerk reactions, the inevitable bit where it comes back around to bite them in the arse has happened, as some fed up parents have now managed to successfully argue that the Bible must be banned due to frequent and graphic violent and sexual content.

Gotta love a bit of karma.

Remember the Domino effect that was supposed to happen post Brexit? 🤔
I was thinking earlier about why it is that Brexit hardliners seem so determined to see conspiracies by remainers as the reason for Brexit failings and I think it's a case of projection again. Whilst I oppose Brexit, had it delivered on the promises I would have had to begrudgingly admit I was wrong and would have embraced the benefits such as lower food prices, higher wages etc etc. I think this is fairly consistent among remainers, opposing the idea but that was due to thinking it would fail rather than actively wanting it to fail. There was no desire to sabotage any opportunity that it might deliver a better life.

Brexiters on the other hand didn't seem to hold this view (the hardliners that is). People like Farage et al actively sought to ensure the EU failed and were actively sabotaging it. For example he complained about the UK fishing arrangements and yet, when he was in a position to negotiate fishing arrangements on behalf of the UK, he turned up once to splutter a load of nonsense and then never bothered to turn up again, effectively meaning Britain had no serious representation on that issue.

As the hardliner Brexiters knew that they were actively sabotaging the workings of the EU whilst within it, the assume everyone is like them and therefore any failing of Brexit must also be because of sabotage.
Easier to admit you were wrong when the outcome is better though isn’t it.

When it’s worse, it’s easier to pass the blame onto the pesky remainders for not trying hard enough to make it work.
Sometimes graphs work better than just numbers. It really highlights just how badly the Tories ****** the Covid response up and everything following on.

It was basically a shambles from start to finish. Farage wasn't even part of the official Vote Leave campaign. He was just campaigning separately and gobbing off on the sidelines. The Tories clearly didn't have a plan after the result was confirmed and were just making things up as they went along with the party split on what kind of Brexit they wanted.

They made a massive howler by electing May (A remainer FFS) as leader. After Cameron resigned the Tories should have elected a Brexiteer leader with a predominantly Brexiteer cabinet to deliver what they promised - then we would have had some kind of accountability. They could even have invited Farage to join them in some capacity given his prominence during the campaign. I doubt he would have accepted as he's just a gobshite who had no intention of actually delivering Brexit. It's been a shambles from start to finish with zero accountability.
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That Brexit was not about the economy but about sovereignty and controlling immigration was also a complete headfcuk that I can never get my head around that the Brexiteers could win and lie on. As Clinton’s old advisor’s catch phrase “it’s the economy, stupid” which helped him win the 1992 Presidency.

Truss’s disastrous stint proving the Markets ultimately have economic power and the net migration future for 2022 of 600k showing getting control of immigration was never as simple as just leaving the EU.
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