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A question about Individual regimes


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May 30, 2019
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Hi everybody,
I purchased this game few days ago and I've got a question about Individual regimes: what is the option swimming good for? And the option "Hill running?"

Thank you!
Hi mate.

Been playing this game since it first came out.

I set all of my squad to swimming if they are 90 or above fitness, and hill running if they are 89 fitness or below. Also if a player has just come back from injury I set them to hill running.
Scrum halfs below 89 fitness on hill running. 95 fitness or above positional kicking.
Fly halfs the same, but goal kicking.

Basically both swimming and hill running are to improve fitness, but hill running is more of a recovery option.

Hope this helps.
Hi Yes both increase fitness, Hill Running will do it faster, but with Swimming there is less chance of injury.
I hope you are enjoying the game.

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