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  1. i see your title at the bottom...."most knowledgeble league poster"

    i just had a little think to my self and over the past convos we have had i thought id put this question forward

    if you are truely the most wise in rugby league then surely you would know which rugby league competition is the best based on the fact it has set the standard for league to be played at professional levels...if this is the case and that you are the most knowledgeble..then which rugby league competition is better based on fact (NOT money,management or fan support BUT quality in players and football games)...super league or nrl???

    i just want you to know if you recognise which league is better thats all...and bias aside please
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  3. Firstly - I was voted that I haven't christened myself that.

    Secondly - I think the NRL is totally overhyped. The way I look at comparing the two leagues is having a look and a think at how the top teams compare. I think that the overall quality of the NRL is better (our poorer teams wouldn't ever be able to beat the top NRL teams on the day) but that our top teams are a match for yours.

    Saints are our top team and I do genuinely believe that we are the best team on the planet. We are devastating going forward and crush the life out of teams in defence. I could see Saints winning the NRL. Just Saints though - I do however think that Leeds and maybe Hull FC would make the top 8 but not win it.

    What does worry me is that our players don't make it over there. Perfectly talented prospects such as Chris Thorman and Mark Edmondson have returned with their tail between their legs yet overrated buffoons like Morley have thrived. The Australian league seems to have more depth but it bores me silly. There's no edge to it.

    Maybe I feel differently because it's not my country.
  4. melon

    melon Guest

    I'm not having a dig at you dan, and not for a second disregarding your opinion, but may I ask how you believe it is overhyped? :)
  5. theres no edge to it?....funny that

    can i ask how many st helens players are from our shores?..including management..and over the past couple of years how many exponents of our game have influenced not just st helens but the entire super league?
  6. ..and please..no side stories on how it bores you or buts,if and what else...just state the answer at that is all

  7. Daniel Anderson - Coach

    1. Paul Wellens (St Helens born and bred)

    2. Ade Gardner (Barrow)

    3. Matt Gidley

    4. Willie Talau (but does not count on the overseas quota)

    5. Francis Meli

    6. Leon Pryce

    7. Sean Long

    8. Nick Fozzard

    9. Kieran Cunningham

    10. Jason Cayless

    11. Lee Gilmour

    13. Paul Sculthorpe

    12. Jon Wilkin

    14. James Roby

    15. Mike Bennett

    17. James Graham

    18. Maurie Fa'asavalu (not on quota.)

    If you want to use the Southern Hemisphere influence on Saints you've chosen a bad example. We are amongst the best in the country for using English talent, and in James Roby we have probably the hottest talent on the planet at the moment. I don't deny that there is the influence of the Australian coach and the experience of Matt Gidley but the overseas players we have are KIWIZ.

    In summary - there isn't as much influence as you think.
  8. melon

    melon Guest

    That my friend, is a joke....however it is your opinion and you're quite entitled to it :)

    He may be the hottest talent in the Super Dooper League because he has shown unparalled player growth and is carving up at times, but he is not the hottest talent on the planet in terms of all rugby league. Just look at the NRL and the countless newcomers from this season and last season who are under the age of 20. Israel Falou is 17...he is in the best 3 wingers in the NRL at the moment. Same goes for Greg Inglis. And that's just young talent. There would be about 20 players in the NRL who are playing better than James Roby. James Roby may be on fire, but seriously...look at his opponents!

    I'm not turning this debate into a NRL is better than ESL argument at all, so don't worry about that.

    To say there isn't as much influence as chiro says, isn't quite right. I agree with chiro that there is a profound influence in every facet of ESL play.

    Your best prop is from the NRL.
    Your two frontline centres are from the NRL.
    Your coach is from the NRL.
    Your best winger is from the NRL.
  9. well im quite satisfied with st helens answers..ignorance is a sign of fear and untruthfulness

    all bias a side nrl have superb talent..australia's not my country either yet i recognise that greg inglis is one player of remarkable potential..only at the age of 21 he has played state of origin,and represented australia at test level..

    i dont understand how you can say that..but blanket jamie lyon in love and respect then say our talent is boring..it is a farce and lyon isnt even the best centre in the nrl..he got smacked around by a makeshift centre nobody named hohaia...

    but that is all i wanted to know...your views...i do openly say that it is ignorance and i think its at the cost of my often blabbering views of your super league...ok funny stuff aside..i still stand in a formal manner to say that super league is not as good as the NRL interms of quality league or quality players...i will state that you guys are really behind in that part and have been for the past 10 to 15 years...challenge cup is a pretty pathetic claim when historically NRL teams have always been at a big disadvantage..(inwhich this is played around ya season when it is our preseason)

    its funny how you guys jump at the opportunity of a sonny bill or a benji marshall to go over there..and ya toss bucket loads of money at them..a large quantity of money really dumbs down the sport and brings the quality of playing levels down..as evident in the NRL for some time we have had underpaid players,yet they still pull in week in and week out..and they are forever planning the player strike

    in conclusion i am satisfied with your reply st helens..as a supposive knowledgable league supporter it is quite obvious that your views are still shaded from light...ignorance is hidden by little smirks and "boring" replies...its ok..i know that if the NRL is the reason behind your views then it just goes to show you how good our competition is..in that you will bluntly say things that are not true

    NRL will be at the fore front of league for years to come..i truely hope your competition picks up a few more notches for rugby league sakes..

    that is all
  10. NZL Fan

    NZL Fan Guest

    I think you're both correct to a degree..........

    1. NRL IS overhyped. Yes I enjoy it, yes it has some great games, but it is marketed today as it was marketed back in its hayday - unfortunately the comp isn't as good as those days. State of origin is a classic example of an overhyped series that today doesn't stand up to past SOO series. The problem being there are less GREAT players in the comp, and a good bulk of them are Kiwis so are uneligible to play SOO. Comparing the days of Mel, Daley, ET, Lewis, Langer etc to today is a non contest.

    2. ESL is better than ever, mainly due to the increasing numbers of overseas players. I think SHRLFC you have somewhat underplayed the Australasian influence of your team, though you do have Englishmen in the 4 key positions of RL (1, 6, 7 and 9), and all current/former Internationals at that.

    Whether ESL has caught up to NRL is debatable, especially when you're going to be swayed somewhat by the players/teams that are more familiar to you, or you have a personal interest in.

    Coming off the fence I'd still say that NRL was better. The best players (going by International Test results) are predominantly from the NRL, there are still fewer teams in the ESL capable of seriously winning the Super league title in comparison to the NRL comp, and at the other end of the leader board the weakest NRL teams would (I'd suggest) easily dispatch the weakest ESL teams.
  11. melon

    melon Guest

    Can someone please explain how the NRL is over-hyped???
  12. the only things over hyped about the nrl are the players that leave to rugby union...

    S.O.O isnt overhyped...it is what it is...the passion still exists from those players who play that gam..kiwi's dont belong there its not there territory..and thats good because if you havent noticed our test level matches against the aussies have been brilliant for the past 2 years...and we didnt have sonny bill or benji marshall

    if you talking media hype?...then what professional sport isnt?..its a marketing tool to make money to sponser players..dont be silly...if you are talking people who hype the game up then thats because the majority are really enjoying the level of quality being played...

    if anything you should jump over that fence and go home..

    i asked st helens only and i got my answer...i know he recognises deep down inside which league is better...now someone please lock this before all the mods and admins cry again at my expense lol
  13. Chiro in "chatting bubbles" shocker.
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