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A request...again.


Sir Speedy

'k, I've fallen to the Heath-Ledger-as-Teh-Joker-mania, so I'm requesting a GIF sig with Monsieur Ledger in said role.


The scene I want is in that trailer; downloads are available if it makes it easier.
The scene I want comes up right after The Joker says, "Good evening Commisioner." I'd like it to start with the black part during the time he says this (so when it loops, it won't look as weird), then finish after the "Why so serious?" scene.
Black screen, Joker against the wall (where he licks his lips), the black after that, then "Why so serious?" scene afterwards (make sure to finish the GIF right at the end of this scene so it captures everything). I'd like the size to be about the same size (perhaps bigger) as the There Will Be Blood picture in my sig. If you have any questions if you're unsure, just ask.
I'll give a rep point for those who do it.
Cheers! :D

Sir Speedy

Bumped for great justice!

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