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a short story about me getting into rugby



Alright, here is a little text I wanted to write and to share with you.
After being and participating on this board for almost a month now.
I decided to share my story, it’s entitled: Is it easy to be hard?

So here we go:

The interest for rugby slowly took me in its grip. I remember watching my first games on BBC1. Spending at least 2 hours in front of the tube. That’s when I first saw the Haka and I was really impressed by it. After the game I then went out and did some chilling with my mates. Playing some basketball and doing some skateboarding. Awesome!!!!

The first I really played rugby was at the age of 15 during our annual sports day at school. I scored 3 tries and the feeling was awesome. So this was a first introduction to the sport.

2 years ago, during my college period, I didn’t know what to do.
Which decisions to take. I decided to grab my chance, apply for an abroad internship and a dream came through. Destination; New Zealand, the Godfathers of rugby. This in combination with my interest for Kiwi music, it were the best 6 months of my life so far.

Spending time in the breathtaking nature of New Zealand, I started writing music again, reinventing and improving my sound. Making new friends and off course playing rugby.

In the neighborhood were I used to life you’d find the best mix of what the South Pacific could offer. Every day playing a game with Samoans, Tongans, Fijians, Kiwis, Maoris and 1 Belgian.

Every day I saw my game improving and I learnt a lot about techniques, rules and off course the national teams which they supported.
After the game going to the local liquor store buying and especially trying some beers. I made friends for life, just by playing this.

When I went to Fiji, I was playing rugby every morning with the staff of the resort.
And in the evening chilling on the beach having a couple of Fiji draughts.

While being involved in this sport, I was shocked or charmed, it depends on how you look at it, that there is so much respect for players, teams, fans.
For each other, for others. As a European it was a completely new experience for me. We are used to soccer games, where there is a lot of racism and violence going on.

Anyway, to end my story.
I’m still keen on rugby, getting up early in the morning to see a game.
I’m loving it, I hope you guys liked reading my little contribution.
As I’m not really a writer I don’t expect to win a Pulitzer price for it 


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