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Jul 28, 2012
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hi there, to the TRF Modders.

hey, i've been here for about 2 years now and i felt that it takes ages for a reply from people depending on what thread it is that im making or im replying too. to be absolutely honest with you, i really dont mind that as i've experienced this for 2 years now. But sometimes i feel that it be nice if there was an instant message thingy. i'll explain what i mean my this, like a facebook chat where you can talk about rugby stuff not only in threads but just a 1 v 1 chat. But make it that you can only talk to someone in your contacts and i think this can really help with the TRF service aswell. Like if one off us have a question or needs help with something on this forum then instead off waiting for a message like 5 - 20 minutes later, they can have a 1 and 1 conversation with one off you's and they can ask you a question and you can reply within a second. But i can see the reason behind why you wouldn't consider this with people the like's off Big Ewis giving everyone especially me weird chats or does these things cost money or take alot off work ?. if so then i understand and i know its a forum but think off the positives, if someone needs help on the forum they can have a chat to you 1 and 1.

i'd love this idea to take place but what do you think ?

- I'mTheOnlyScotty
Existed in the past, no one used it, was generally crap.

Yep. It has been done before, never really took off. Frankly, even if it took off it would result in having a bunch of online members IMing eachother would also make the forum even quieter and more difficult to moderate.
The biggest issue with the chatroom apart from the aforementioned lack of use was how slow it caused the forum to run.
yeah i understand i just thought i'd make a suggestion to what i think would be better on the forum. but i understand your reasons
Thanks for the suggestion - always appreciated.
oh, I thought like a live voice chat thing somehow when I read the ***le. That would be pretty hilarious too, but boy the issues it would generate also...the endless arguing, and there's no way out, the guy's on the phone with you..
Honestly, I like a forum's pace. You answer when you like, can take your time documenting yourself with stats and stuff before replying, and it's hard to keep one hand free if you're live-chating with someone too.
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