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A Victory against the BBC over SCRUM V



After Scrum V, 606, TMS etc all got scrapped in favour of the new BBC '606', the BBC has lost over 90% of its membership on the sports forums.

The 606 Action Group has fought for people to be held accountable, especially Chris Russell (BBC Sports Editor) and his team, but he refused a poll, complaints forum and shut down his blogs due to complaints.

However, yesterday, in conjunction with the Points of View team, C.R. has been made to put a 'Feedback Forum' on the new 606, basically being forced to listen to our complaints.

This maybe your chance as ex-members to get your views across about the mistakes that were made.

The links are:

Rugby League


Rugby Union



The 606 Action Group (www.606banter.co.uk)
But on the plus side, ScrumV, the worst forum in the history of rugby discussion, is dead forever.


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