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A week really makes a difference



I've had a really crazy emotional rollercoaster ride this week.

Basically, at the start of September my girlfriend moved to Glasgow to uni. 3 weeks later I'm through visiting and she tells me she wants to end it cause she doesn't feel the same. We talk, we both say alot of things, we're both honest with each other and we talk it out and we stay together. Anyway, another 3 weeks later - last weekend - she comes through to see me. I see her for a bit on friday and everything is fine, everything's normal. Then on Sunday I get a letter from her telling me she doesn't feel the same and that I blackmailed her into staying the relationship with some of the things I said to her, about my life and how for the past year I've been struggling with depression but she really got me through it and she felt as if that was me forcing her to do something. So natrually I'm upset and ****** off. I e-mail her, she e-mails back...I e-mail again etc etc and she just says she doesn't feel the same anymore. So ok, we split up. We were together almost 3 years and I was really down last week. So my team mates at rugby take me out to a couple of party's to get my mind of things.

So on Saturday night, i'm at one of the guy's girlfriends birthdays. I get chatting to this girl, and one thing led to another and we ended upstairs. Anyway, she asks for my number, i give it to her and get hers. We'd been texting each other and speak on msn yesterday and today and I get along really well with her. So I decided to see if she fancies going out sometime and she was keen for it aswell so we're going out friday for a couple of drinks. She's a good laugh, pretty hot and she was keen to see me again (she actually said she thought I wouldn't call her in the morn cause it's happened before to her a couple of times). So it'll be fun. this time last week I was really down about everything, I just felt quite bad. Wasn't untill my game on Saturday I started to look forward. I spoke to my ex on Friday and then I knew it was definatley over. I'd spent most of the week down about it, grieving if you will even, but I had a really good game on Saturday and scored. Went out to this party and had a good time and met this girl. So my I'm alot more postive now, I'm looking forward to things in life a bit. I know it's just a date, and I play things as the come, but might aswell just enjoy myself. Your whole outlook on life can just change in a couple days if you just have a good laugh and relax.

Only downside is, her name is right next to my ex's on my phone....so i need to be careful with some of the texts...that could be embarrasing.
You might want to do something about that last thing. Like moving your ex's name, by putting her surname first or something, so it will go to some other place in the list.

Being down one week about a 3 year relationship sounds like you got over it good, happy to hear it :)
Yeah well I'm not a 100% over it but I know she's not gonna change her mind so onwards and upwards.
Atta boy!

That's the fecking way. Good on ya, mate.

And i'm sure anyone who's seen your picture will instantly vouch, "It's the epic hair that got him lucky that night!"

Just think if you entered our Best Hair contest!
You'd have won that by a country mile!!!
Yeah well goes to show you the power of a good team spirt...everyone looks out each other.
These things happen and sure it hurts because all guys have feelings too and it can only take a good woman to really find them.

I tended to find it was a feeling of rejection and being made redundant that hurts the most, it hurts the pride more than anything.

The best thing you can do, is take a time-out for a few weeks.. you have just come out of something that means something to you and you will get over it. Depending on the type of guy you are, you may not want to go after another girl immediately.

Just keep your head up. Tell yourself it wasn't your decision to quit and try to make the most of being single again before you are ready to go through it all again.

Girls, eh?

Nothing a good ruck and scrummage won't heal.
Good to read you are on the up mate, if you do have any misplaced text shenanigans be sure to put them up on here she we can sympathise/laugh our balls off.

Seriously as Laetca says though it might be worth prefixing the ex with a x just in case.
Yeah well it's like the relationship was over before it was over, if you know what i mean. I saw it comming, I just let it go. That's why I didn't try to change her mind. Still was sad to see the end of 3 year relationship but hell it happens.

But I get on quite well if this new girl, so we'll go out. See how it goes, if hit it off...great...if not, well then I'm at a party on saturday night with the lads.
Good to hear things turned round quickly for you E_G. I am currently involved in a very painful seperation from MrsSHRLFC as many of you will know I've been engaged to for 2 and a half years. It just doesn't work anymore unfortunately. It's happened to me before and seemingly there's going to be a chance for it to happen again.

Funny things, relationships.
i think i speak for everyone when i say

go get some.



I think I speak for a fair few of us when I point out how lame that signature image is. I'm surprised there's that much anti-English feeling in County Ohio.
I think I speak for a fair few of us when I point out how lame that signature image is. I'm surprised there's that much anti-English feeling in County Ohio.
I suppose they still hurting over the British burning down the White House? I mean, I heard that in Ohio some people are living in the past a little.... :D
I suppose they still hurting over the British burning down the White House? I mean, I heard that in Ohio some people are living in the past a little.... :D [/b]

Damn those Mel Gibson films!

Anyway if he's so anti-English why didn't he run that little bit faster to stop the advance when he was stationed down in the the Dardenelles. That's where all his anger comes from, it's just to assuage his own guilt.
Well, went out on Friday night and had a really good time. So on Saturday after my game we met up at one of my teammate's 18th and we ended up talking to each other all night and got back to mine....ooooo yeah - I got some. Twice. Seeing each other properly now, which is always good. She's a good laugh and we like each other. She's still at school so she gets alot of abuse from the lads I play with that in her year (she's actually only a month younger, I was the youngest in my year, before anyone says anything) but it's all in good fun. Yeah, things are looking up finally.