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ABfreak's Love Triangle this time...



OK.. here is my case:
yesterday afternoon, asked this girl I really like out, with our first date on the valentines, she agreed... I went leaping for joy!
yesterday afternoon, a girl I really liked(mind the past tense) and who once rejected me once called, and said "why is mary ur valentines? I thought I was urs!? I want to go out with u!"

I was speechless... I said, "i'm abit busy.. will call u in a bit" i didnt call and she called again this afternoon and said "the 2 of us can be urs" i was like, "k... I'll let u know" I still havent called, and now I ask ye great advisors of TRF... WHAT THE HELL SHUD I DO!? :wall:
Simple never go back to love you have loved and never loved you back, go for the one who wants you now...

So in other words say to the one you liked "Sorry but I did like you but I am afraid I am already seeing Mary, you had your chance and refused me"

and go for Mary, the one you asked out, as she wants you now

Or you could forget them both and go out for NSA Fun!!! ;)

Forgot to add... but these two gals are BEST FRIENDS.... which is why I do not want to hurt Jen's feelings... crap...
Your gonna have to hurt hers mate, tell her in the politest way that she had her chance and shes missed out...

If they are true friends they will stick together and she will be happy for u...
try to pull the threesome, if it fails you can fall back on one of em, if it works youre a legend
be careful ABfreak

they either both want you really bad and u can pull a 3-some, or, they are pulling your leg, waiting for you to take the 3-some option to then turn around and say - 'nah'

take the safest option and the most polite moral option - first in best dressed, and first undressed - the one that wants you now.

for the other girl that changed her mind - u dont know what you got till its gone - ur gone, she missed the boarding call....ur now taxing away with company that wants to be there....fasten ur seat belts, and enjoy the ride.........send the other girl a postcard saying "this could have been you"
Tell the second one to f**k right off. Girls do this a lot - they want what they can't have. She had her chance, tell her to do one and go for the date on Valentines Day as planned.
Mate, only one thing you can do - bang 'em all.
It's always easier to ask forgivness than permission...
getting a threesome sounds alot better... well, today is the deadline for me to answer.. so gimme some more lovely advice boys...
Yeah as a couple of the other guys said: THREESOME!!!

Tell the other girl that she has had her chance but you will still spend time with her because you are friends.

All things aside though mate, take the girl who you fancy the most.
Right... my valentines' day has passed... I'm now going to tell you residence of TRF what initiatives I have taken:

I had a talk with Mary... with my poetic skills... I convinced her that she is the one and only for me right now, also convinced her that valentines' is all about caring for ur friends... so... I ask her if I can get Jen to come along to the dinner to which she blatantly agreed and said "a threesome valentines! cool!"

I promised her a proper wine n dine at the weekend, and ofcourse sum lovin.. :p after I referee the youth tournament here!

SO... my valentines' all well, both girls treated me like a king tonight! woohoo!! it's soo much better when u've seen both of em naked before.. :p :cheers: :bana: