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Able Bodied Rugby and Fundraisers


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Jul 15, 2014
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Hi All

Well we took on our first able bodied rugby club (Lytchett Minster) last Sunday and played as a mixed team at first and then it was us (The DD's) against Lytchett and we won 13-5.
It was a great session and they thoroughly loved it. So much so that we are offering able bodied clubs the chance to train and play for 3 hours for £160 for a team of 8 (All money will go towards getting The Dorset Destroyers 2 Teams into the Leagues (£9,000 per year!!!) OUCH!! :(:(:( See below

All matches will be played on Sunday mornings between 11 and 2pm (Which gives you time to get a few medicinal beers in after) or at a push on a Friday night, if you cannot make that. 7 till 10pm


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rM0zcCBodDc This is a little clip of our match against West Country Hawks

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