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Advertising: Copy on trade me



There will be a copy going on trade me 2nite at aorund 6.30 or 7.00 for any kiwis who are interested. Im not doing the auction my self, but i think i will last 4 2nite and tomorrow, being that it cant be posted on sunday. So it will be posted on monday and arrive the next day which is pretty close to the thursday retail release, so its probably not ideal for you guys, but i thought id let you know anyway. I am in palmerston north, so maybe if your closeby you could just come round and get it. That way youd beat the release by several days if you really cant wait.

It is an Xbox copy with he australian cover. The seal is not broken.
I maybe getting it on monday night. My brother and Dad are over in aussie for a few days so they might pick it up for me while they are over there
Well now that I've cleared the ***le up, I might aswell advertise here.

For sale: 1971 All Blacks v Lions two disc DVD set. DVD's in excellent condition. Bought it from Whitcoulls but can't sell it on TradeMe because it doesn't have a classification label. It is 100% legal though, PAL, zone zero. Will play on Aussie, NZ and UK DVD players. Case is a little untidy from where I've removed stickers. 2 Complete matches, 2 tests with just extended highlights (these two are about 30mins each). NZ$12+$6 p&p couriered within NZ. PM -JJ- for further enquiries. Or email jjtuson@g(angsta)mail.com Without the (angsta).
It dosent actually belong to me, i just thight id give these guys a heads up that a copy was available. Please delete this by all means. Though by the sounds of it you should hav done it already.
Meah. Advertising's advertising. I'm not going to delete it because I've been looking for an excuse to advertise that particular DVD. However if another mod wants to delete this that's just dandy.
I have half a mind to delete this for the simple fact that it would mean less kiwis will get in my way of purchasing it...
If advertising is against forum rules then delete it. Adverising was not my intention.
I personally see nothing wrong with it. And according to Air Ben, I'm the reason this forum is up and running...

But then again, I haven't deleted anything for a while...

Hey, getofm.... when is the donation thingy going to work? I was just about to give some money... You just lost yourself a customer...

Oh, that reminds me... How about a new catchphrase?

"Have you given generously? No? You're stealing posting priveleges."
Hey Ceejay,

The way I read it, two mods don't mind a little advert here or there, as long as it's from good contributing members likes of yourself.

It's a bargin folks, I've had my copy for 3 days, and am glad for every day I've had it before release.

Worth $50 above retail to have early if you love rugby as much as we all do.

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