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Advice Please, coming back from injury and moving clubs!


Andrew W

I’m currently about to turn 21 years old and about to move away from home. I’m currently in Edinburgh and played half of last season with a local club, this was my 1st time playing rugby as I never did it at school so I went straight in and started training with the 1st and 2nd team and was playing 3rd team rugby. Due to injury at the start of December with my ACL ligament I was sidelined and unfortunately over the Christmas period didn’t do much exercise and didn’t play the rest of the season, mainly due to being unfit and also the injury.

I’m now about to move down to Exeter area, will be staying half an hour north and thinking about getting back to Rugby to meet new people and get fit again.

My main question is what I should do, should I skip this season and get fit for next year, start training with a team once I move down or get a bit fitter and join over the Christmas period?

I am 21 years old, average 17st 5lbs and was playing tight head prop. I won’t drop much weight once I lose some fat as most of it is muscle however I imagine I will stay in front row.
At the moment my exercise has been very minimal however I have weights in my house and I have been using them a lot recently. Muscle mass is not a problem just core strength and fitness. My current plan is to do core work in the mornings before work and then a 20min run at night and a session on weights and once I move south probably one night a week cardio and one weights session in the gym then two nights training, that’s if I go straight into training again, otherwise it would be cardio 4 days a week and concentrating on different muscle groups each night and start club training over winter.

Has anyone got any advice on my predicament?
Also I’m not sure if you are aloud but can anyone suggest any welcoming clubs down in Exeter/Taunton/Honiton area? I have seen a few but just wondering if anyone had any advice.

Thanks for your time.



There are a few people on the board who could give you great advice. I'd suggest sending the users o'dave and O'Rothlain private messages of this threads URL if they've not seen it already.

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