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Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by Captn Wilko, Aug 25, 2006.

  1. Captn Wilko

    Captn Wilko Guest

    Hello all.

    I have a question, I have only just started playing rugby (aka the best sport ever)
    last year, and the last couple games i remember, weird calls were called by the ref.

    Ex. A ruck was formed, and while there was the illegal play of 'Hands in the ruck' was played by a player of the opposing team. Now, a player of my team, dives into the ruck before the other player could dig it out, picks it up and tosses it into a forming back line.
    The ref calls diving into the ruck first, because hands in the rucks wasnt 'obvious' enough.

    Was the ref just stupid and didnt know anything about rugby, or was that a good call?
    I've been confused about this for some time now. Any help would be usefull. Thanks.
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  3. It may have been a bad call, but in rugby you always have to play to the whistle.

    If someone doesn't get caught handling in the ruck, then there is nothing you can do about it other than ruck their hands if you see them doing it again. Diving over the top or killing the ball is usually more obvious and easier to spot, probably why the ref pinged your player for it.
  4. Captn Wilko

    Captn Wilko Guest

    Ahh, thanks for that. It's really been bugging me trying to figure out why he called what he did.
  5. fcukernaut

    fcukernaut Guest

    The best thing you can do to learn the rules of the game is to watch a lot of rugby. The commentators on TV help quite a bit. I do realize that finding rugby on TV is near impossible to find in North America given that i'm living in Canada now. But go to www.[b]*REMOVED*[/b].com and download games off the internet for free. You'll have to read their FAQ on how to do it. Club rugby is good too. Go out and watch your senior men play and you'll learn a thing or too. Sticking around after the game and listen to them talk about the game.
  6. DC

    DC Guest

    how did he dive in? did he bind or did he come in with arms swinging?
  7. Captn Wilko

    Captn Wilko Guest

    Aye, at first he was bound in, then let go as soon as he saw hands in the ruck, then dove forward horizontally.
  8. dude, refs are naturally a foe and friend at the field, u got to play by the whistle no matter how bad the call was... getting mad at the ref is a BAD choice learning from my own experience... I had to face the stupid disciplining comittee... ALTHOUGH the ref did make a mistake...
    best thing to do, if ur gonna play another game with the same ref, better have ur captain talk to him and point out his earlier mistakes before the game starts... in my case, the ref was banned, never to ref my team ever again! hahaha!
  9. Captn Wilko

    Captn Wilko Guest

    Haha, sweet. What was the situation for ur game?
  10. well, he basically was a pain in the ass!! penalising my team for loads of bullshits, and not penalising the other for loads of apparent penalties... and all this was done in an INTERNATIONAL GAME! I was sent to the comittee for swearing at the ref and he was proven guilty through video proofs... tht SOB deserves it!
  11. Captn Wilko

    Captn Wilko Guest

    Oh man, an international game eh? Whew, hate dumbshit ref's like them. And when the other team pays the ref to do that ****. Just aint right
  12. DC

    DC Guest

    sounds like just a **** call you guys received if i had been there as soon as i see it i always flag down the ref or call out hands in hands in!

    next year ill be the captain and playing number 9 ooo man i will get them so many penalties :D
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