Air New Zealand Cup - Round 1

Discussion in 'ITM (NPC) Cup' started by ChiefsFan, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. ChiefsFan

    ChiefsFan Guest

    Who do you think will win in Round 1?

    (Home team first)

    Manawatu Turbos < Waikato 30+
    - Almost best Waikato team possible

    Wellington Lions > Otago 13+
    - Otago seriously weak from now on :(

    Taranaki > Tasman Makos 1-12
    - Taranaki looked good in preseason
    - Home advantage could increase the score

    Northland < North Harbour 1-12
    - Harbour are depleted, but not that depleted
    - Young guns coming through from WBHS

    Auckland > Counties Manukau Steelers 1-12
    - Counties to contest well
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  3. candybum

    candybum Guest

    thursday game? forgot bout those!

    Manawatu Turbos will get anniliated by waikato with leonard getting a hat trick

    Wellington Lions thrash Otago

    Taranaki will win this tight tussle against Tasman Makos

    Northland will get wasted by nick williams and the North harbour backline

    Auckland to hammer Counties Manukau Steelers

    are Southland and Canterbury playing this week?
  4. dobrien7

    dobrien7 Guest

    Southland v Hawkes Bay, 5 points in the bank thanks.
  5. scuubasteve

    scuubasteve Guest

    I'm hoping for a little bit less of a hiding for my mighty watu, but this (named waikato team) will be the strongest team on any park for this competition.

    Waikato by 20...ish.

    Otago aren't all rubbish. There has been a bit of a changing of the guard, but this Wellington team is looking as talent laden as ever. I'm keeping an eye out for Robbie Fruean!

    Wellington by 15.

    I think the Taranaki v Tasman game is actually on the Friday too isn't it? Doesn't change the fact you're right about the winner though.

    Naki by 10.

    The Northland v Harbour and Auckland v Counties games are on the saturday I think. I'm hoping for an upset...

    Northland by 5.

    Auckland will be too strong for Counties, but there should be some fireworks from both backlines if the weather stays fine (not like last weekend!!.

    Auckland by 18.

    Canterbury forward pack should be the difference against the Steamers. Stephen Brett just loves that front foot ball.

    Canterbury by 20.

    Southland and Hawkes Bay have both had mixed preseasons and will be fairly evenly matched this year. You would expect Southland to be the stronger team (playing at home), with more experience around the park.

    Southland by 10 (Although my Virtual Rugby picks say differently.

    Just in case anyone here is keen to play the official virtual rugby season and doesn't know about it, here's where to sign up:

    P.S. Get in quick, it starts tomorrow!!. It always sucks if you miss the first round.
  6. ChiefsFan

    ChiefsFan Guest

    Sorry about the dates getting mixed up + the completely missed out game(s), don't know what happened :p
  7. Wellycane

    Wellycane Guest

    Well this is pretty straight-foward to pick huh? We're back to the "big provinces playing the small" competition. :p

    Manawatu vs Waikato

    Wellington vs Otago

    Taranaki vs Tasman

    Northland vs North Harbour

    Auckland vs Counties Manukau

    Canterbury vs Bay of Plenty

    Southland vs Hawkes Bay
  8. Juggernaut

    Juggernaut Guest

    Manawatu vs Waikato
    Wellington vs Otago
    Taranaki vs Tasman
    Northland vs North Harbour
    Auckland vs Counties Manukau
    Canterbury vs Bay of Plenty
    Southland vs Hawkes Bay
  9. The picks I've made on telecom virtual rugby are:

    North Harbour
    Bay of Plenty
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