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Ali Lauitiiti out for Leeds

lyon is shithouse. theres an up-roar in australia over why hes made the NSW side. he was disgracefull last night. to be fair to you poms i dont think it has much to do with him being in the UK. i think the buggers just lazy and thinks he doesnt have to work hard.
Well this is the same Lyon who was being booed by his own fans for the sheer cheek of being picked by his country whilst playing in the UK.

to be fair though... i would blow up too. its not fair when you see the centres running around in the toughest rugby league competition in the world then get overlooked for someone running around in a less competitive competiton. not to mention the fact he hadnt played origin for 3/4 years.

so its fair to say he has alot to live up to. and sadly so far lyon hasnt done anything to prove them wrong. honestly dan... if you watched him play for manly and in originI youd be deadset embarresed that he was an ex St's player. im bloody ashamed that he's an ex parra player. i think hes been reading his own press too much to be fair.

funny thing though... everyone in RL... thats in both the NRL & SL knows you dont run straight into SBW. lyon ofcourse decided to run straight into him and got a SBW special. gotta love those ones....
I'm still yet to see any evidence that the NRL is better than the Super League. And I'm not picking on you here shiznit as you're much more respectful to the Super League than others.. but there's a reason Manly are top, and Lyon is one of them.

Did SBW's shoulder not fall out when Lyon ran at him?
nahh his shoulders are all good. its the rest of his body thats f*cked.

dont get me wrong about manly. they are a good football side... they just grind teams down week after week. orford at halfback and stewart at fullback are the keys to that team.

i think lyon really needs to go back to centre where he has abit more space to work his magic. hes woefully out of form at the moment but thats probably got more to do with him playing in a position that doesnt suit him in the NRL. he doesnt have the skillset to play 5/8 in the NRL.

you can actually see alot of ando' in his game. daniel anderson always liked playing outside backs at 5/8 with a strong running game.