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All Black future team



I'm looking to make up an All Black future squad on Rugby 2005, just wanting to see if anyone could help me out, if you know AB rugby pretty well. It won't matter if the players aren't all on the game, as I can create them fairly easily, as I've done with Jimmy Gopperth.
josh blackie
james ryan
ross kenedy
sitivini sivivatu
soseni anesi
tasesa lavea (

and a guy called Candybum...
1. Woodcock
2. Oliver (Fitzpatrick was nearly 36 and was still the best hooker in the world)
3. Haymen
4. A. Williams
5. Jack
6. Kaino
7. McCaw ©
8. N. Williams

9. Kellehar (Still has a good 3 or 4 years left in him at least)

10. Evans/Carter
11. Rocokoko
12. McAlister
13. Nonu
14. R. Gear
15. Muliania
Yep good team there - no doubt...

similar but alternate would be (of real youngsters now AND kelleher lol!):

1 Taumopeau
2 Mealamu (still young, will take over from Oliver soonish)
3 Afoa / Tialata
4 Ryan
5 Jack (still young amazingly!)
6 Kaino (v good and u-21 and AB v Barbarians pedigree already)
7 McCaw ©
8 Nick Williams (good call - v, v good prospect)...Lauaki (impact player)
9 Kelleher / Gibson (second younger)
10 Carter
11 Rokocoko
12 McAllister
13 Muliaina
14 Gear
15 Sivivatu

and the tries just keep on coming!! lol..

Nonu not a test player IMO - and may never be.