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All Blacks In Npc Debate

how will abs work in npc?

  • let them play all the games

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  • let them bleed into it from all black coach perspective

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  • have a bar on when they can play (ie. play after 7th week)

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  • no all blacks playing in the npc

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its a old debate, but i was just thinking to myself the other day, that my favorite try would be the one [ben atinga?] scored in the 2003 npc final right at the end to win the game. and that of course this was when the all blacks were at the world cup, so it was a 2nd string npc that year, and it was one of my favorite seasons...

and before i thought about this i was like, of course all blacks should be in the npc, or else how will s14 teams know who is good?!!? its all the grandpa players like marshall and oliver who are complaining anyway,

but now i can see that it could work without abs. because of the lions tour, then the tri-nations, all blacks have blead into the npc and in the last few weeks they have been playing after a well deserved rest.

and i personally think that the all blacks should not be able to play in the npc untill the 7th week. any thoughts?
the npc defintely needs the abs as the standard of rugby is really poor without them. sure its great for new players to get a chance but they are also inexperinced and lack the class like the abs players have. e

every player does have to start somewhere and guys like richie mcCaw were plucked from the npc and into the abs. not every player is a richie mcCaw though and often take a year or so to learn their craft well enough to compete at npc level.

player burnout and injury is a big issue and ultimately I think most people would want the best possible ab team to line up in most tests. if this means that the abs have to miss some rounds of the npc then so be it. I can accept that is that will prolong the player's career and therefore the best abs will be able to take part in most tests.

some players in the abs will have had more game time etc than others so I think the coach of the Abs should say when they come back into npc. The coach knows how many games they have played and know how much the tests have taken out of the players as he sees them in very test and talks to them which the npc coaches don't. I don't think setting a certian week for them all to come back in would work due to each ab having a different workload. Some will fair better than others and will be able to come back earlier and may need to in order to stay match fit for things like the end of year tour. injuries will also play part and obiviously those that get injured in the internationals should take longer getting into the npc.

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