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All Ireland Championships 2014

Just in from the game. As a contest it never really sparked into life unfortunately. Cork's shooting in the first half was atrocious, they should have gone in 2 or 3 points ahead had they taken about half of their chances. Seamus Callenan had a pretty interesting game for Tipp, didn't do much aside from score about 2-3, if that makes any sense at all. Bubbles and Woodlock were very good, while their full back line was rather imperious.

I'd fancy Kilkenny to beat them in the final though. They have them beaten in the head.
Have said it for a while. Winning Munster Final is a disadvantage as your inactive for too long. Tipp are exactly like Clare last year and I think if they can believe then they'll win but are they beaten upstairs already?
Fantastic football on Sunday, what are people's opinions of the college American football game forcing the two sides to the Gaelic grounds? Surely they could have scheduled the match for a different week (night before Limerick Tipp would have been perfect), a semi final should always be in Croker.
Good start today. Looking nice and even to this point, KK probably more likely atm.
That Kilkenny goal was ****ing hilarious. Top stuff, but so so cheeky.