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Mr. Laxative

Could u guys put pics from the game u've come across or originals in this post it would be very easy to find them.
Not really mate, but there is one I haven't seen. Stirling Mortlock in Wallaby or Brumbies gear. Does anybody have this?
Ask and ye shal recieve...



They made the gardens look underwhelming - and the players tunnel apparently leads into the bar instead of the changing rooms...



Thanks mate! Keep 'em coming. maybe a pic of mortlock from the brumbies?
Lol. I think I've read at least 5 questions asking for Mortlock pics.

I must say, that Gregan pic looks great.
Means mortlock is hard to get or no one likes him, I'm going to put in another plea for this pic.
I don't hate him. I'd post a picture of him for you if it's any consellation.

Which it shouldn't be, as I don't have the game.
could we get some game pics?...preferably of caucau or roko running the wings....or spencer in the mid-field

I'm sure this has been posted somewhere, but I can't help. Springbokfan might be able to.
I will post clips aswell as screen shots 2 morrow for u guys. He he he i must tell you guys rococoko is one fun guy to play with .. I broke 3 tackles against argentina with him to score under the sticks and i injured a player by tackling with him...

I will put full match gameplay clips up..


Ok yes i will try and get a clip of a fight scenes .. Any requests of teams that u should be using --- i might only be able to put up 2 full match clips so gimme 4 teams and i'll do it

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