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All time favourite classic...

What is your all time favourite classic game?

  • Space Invaders

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  • Pacman

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  • Pong

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  • Other

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  • Neither of them crap games, 2006 is the sh*t

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  • Lemmings

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i went pacman

but then after i clicked vote i forgot about some other classics

like preppie
that was fun
i loved preppie 2
also arkanoid (aka breakaway) that was awesome
boulder dash series, that was fun as well

ahh the memories

oh pole position
great graphics 2

and kickstart

anyone remember these games?
lemmings. closely followed by pong, thats the pong featured in the comander keen games.
I voted other

can games like ghost n goblins, rastan, star wars, rolling thunder and so forth be counted as classic? commando? double dragon? final fight? street fighter?

if not....

I liked the one where they sucked your ship up, but you could shoot the thieves and get it back for double trouble - yay!!.....and paperbpy and outrun...loved em.

what about the caveman one on the amiga when you had to go non-stop jumping and speeding furiously balanced on a wheel.....beginning of time or something?....****, can't recall name, but that was special. aaahhhhhhhhhh...

oh elevator action, yie ar kung fu, kung fu master.......god love them all.
"ghost n goblins... final fight"

I'm with you on those 2 los ... classic games make no mistake

Anyone hear of the old Spectrum ZX games - Attic Attac, SabreWulf, Alchemist, Ikari Warriors, Underworld???

... damn they were brilliant, and hard too!

In more recent times, games for the Amiga like Speedball 2:Brutal Deluxe, Cannon Fodder and The Chaos Engine were more classics

... not to mention Sensi Soccer - ahhhh those were the days
Originally posted by raziel_eire@Jan 30 2006, 09:23 PM
... not to mention Sensi Soccer - ahhhh those were the days
Totally forgot about Sensi

I lost hours to that game. Before all these fancy modern graphics came around.

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