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allblack.com podcast

Does anyone listen to it

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Do you listen to the all blacks podcast?


if not will you start listening to it? its damn funny :)

we could email the guys and we could get a shout out on there, they seam to talk alot of rubbish, like us :)
not being a huge kiwi fan, i've only heard it a few times and i'm not really into it. having said that it's always good to see acouple of amateurs with beers in hand having a bitta fun.
I download and listen to the All Blacks Rugby Round Table every week.. Its classic.. I was mentioned on the podcast during Week 14 of the Rebel Super 14.. I was the first to win e-mail of the week.. Yes I am the guy who is 16 and from Ireland and is a huge fan of Jonah Lomu :bravo:
The podcast has got better and better, although when I play it on my Ipod they sound quiet..

Hopefully the Rugby Round Table will continue and cummo the gingers..
excellent stuff davidson, does he know about therugbyforum?

he would be a great character to have around here.