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American Gladiators: The Revival



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NBC, one of the leading broadcasters in America (see NBC Universal, part of the GE family), is reviving the famed television show "American Gladiators." This series will be hosted by none other than Hulk Hogan and Laila Ali (Female Boxer and daughter of Boxing Legend Cassius Clay).
Are America, nay, the World, ready for a revival of this legendary show? NBC thinks the answer is a "Yes!" They plan on airing this show in Primetime, launching it on 06 January 2008 at 9pm ET/PT. Craig Plestis, Executive VP of Alternative Programing at NBC stated that he was drawn to the original UK version (Gladiators). Plestis said, "[American Gladiators] will have the scale, scope, different characters and family drama that the U.K. version had. We're not going to completely reinvent the wheel here...But we're making it better, faster and stronger." Most Americans don't realise it, but many of the "Reality" programs they enjoy are knock-offs of UK programing, so this move is no suruprise.
Could this revival bring a world-wide revival of this franchise show? Seemingly every country has an "Idol" program (American Idol, Pop Idol, ect...). Will other countries which the show previously made home re-launch as well? Only time will tell.
This has been Nate Rowlan reporting from the frontlines of America.
Your Opinions?
Will only be a success if the Hulkster gives someone the big boot as they are about to dismount from the zipcord.
Isn't a patch on UK Gladiators. If they brought it back over here I would spill many tears of joy. That programme was essential Saturday night viewing, I never missed.

"Contestants, you well gooo on ma fuurrrrst whastle. Gladiators, you well gooo on ma seeecond whastle."

Classic broadcasting from my childhood.
I saw an old episode on one of those crappy digital channels a while back. It brought back some brilliant memories.
Gladiators was excellent.. but you just know they bring it back there'd be some sh*tty celeb version, where gormless munters like Jade Goody will be in it.
I'd love to see Jade Goody try and run The Gauntlet. Preferrably with a subtle twist, meaning she get beaten to a pulp by the Wolfman, Rhino, Saracen, Hunter and Trojan. Assuming they're all still alive, Wolfie looked like he was knocking on even at the time.
Gladiator here in Australia is coming back on air very soon.

The only problem is that all the names are so lame this time around!!!

I remember watching it as a 6 and 7 year old on a Saturday night...good times! lol