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American Rugby?



Hey guys, I'm trying to find some information on American Rugby clubs. I realize that the term "American Rugby" is kind of like "Swedish Sumo" it just isn't something well known.

I'm wondering if there is a site that talks about American clubs. I was doing some thinking about all the American college football and basketball players who have the physical ability to compete at rugby. It's a shame that there isn't much drive for the sport in the US. It must be about the money.
Thanks for the replies guys. I checked out the USA site. It sounds like the American team competes in the World Cup? Sorry if I get that wrong, there seem to be many leagues/forms/associations of rugby.

I found a couple college clubs but they are on the other side of my state. I'd love to learn a new sport and stay involved. I played college football but I've been out of that for two years now and love to compete. I wish there were some clubs around me.

I'm not sure who O'Rothlain is but thanks for the name and information that he's a good source.
All of the leagues of Rugby Union in the United States are governed by USARugby.
The west side of North Dakota is a little far from the other teams, but not unreasonably so. I would suggest forming a social side for western North Dakota and practice with the intent of going to a few tournaments. (Maggotfest is a huge one, and isn't too far away)
You should be able to schedule some friendly matches between teams within driving distance.
Go to the USARugby site and "Find a Club." You can search by state and find the closest ones. Contact those teams ASAP. They should be able to help you find the good tournaments and get you connected to the Union people who can help you out. Also check out the teams through:
I'd also contact the Canadian clubs that are close. You can find them through:

For tips on starting a rugby team, check out:
http://www.texasrugbyunion.com/template.php?sid=63 (scroll down to Starting a College Rugby Club)
While those are aimed at college teams, there is still a ton of good info. If you can find a football field to play on, you can use those uprights. If not, you can use PVC to build them. To start out, you can have each player purchase their own jerseys. This worked very well at one of my teams. You pick a cheap jersey, and can get a logo put on if you wish, but you don't need to. Say everyone needs a solid grey jersey. They can buy it themselves, or you can order them as a team and get a volume discount. You might even be able to buy an old set from one of the nearby teams.
Bloody hell, cheers for that answer mate! Lots of info on USA rugby right there. If you can't find out what is what in American rugby from that then you're obviously blind! :)

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