Americas Rugby Championship Week 3 roundup!

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    The third week of the first Americas Rugby Championship (A.R.C) took place yesterday with two games as the four Canadian teams all played for the second time. Anybody doubting the quality of the tournament and the importance of it for the Canadian test team should think again. The tournament has geographically divided the worlds second largest country into four regions that are based on rugby strength rather than population, culture or size. This, of course, replaced the North America 4 which had separated Canada into Canada East and Canada West. The A.R.C seems to have divided the sides perfectly and after two matches per team only one side is undefeated (BC Bears) and the only team to have lost both games (Ontario Blues) is considered to be a heavyweight in Canadian rugby. The Blues, despite having five test players in their XV lost to a side (Prairie Wolfpack) with only one test player. The Blues are based on one Canadian province but they lost against a team made up of three provinces who, I repeat, have only one test player and whose players have an average age of 24. Clearly, Rugby Canada and the IRB have done a superb job in determining the regions. All matches have been competitive.

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