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An Aussie Rugby Wrap Banner


Mr. Laxative

Guys can anyone make this for me? Basically the same as my Trading Post one, but with green and gold (gold as primary colour).

Text should be as follows:

The Aussie Rugby Wrap

Featuring Popboomerang Artists

Also, I need this image in a non-obtrusive position as well:


If it is possible, maybe you could change the red colour in this image to green...?

Well I suppose I'll have a go. It will properbly takes 5-10 attempts to get it right though. :p
Maybe - all you need to do though is use my current template in my current banner....

And I'll guve multiple +rep
I have been busy at the moment, I was gonna start it last night but trf went down & i couldn't remember what you wanted. I should get it done shortly. Sorry for the wait.
Here's V1.


Tell me what you think. I'm unsure why the banner is slightly blurred up close, maybe because I used TRF Gallery to upload this pic. If you are happy with it, I'll upload it with Image shack. That should make it more clear.
I'd rather there be posts like in my Trading Post one, also preferably no mirror of Popboomerang - if you go with two just have them the same way - also make the "featuring Popboomerang Artists" much smaller.....

That should be it after that - no 10 goes this time!!
Here's v2.


Any changes wanted, you know what to do. Used Image shack now, it's clear now.
Wahoo! that must be some sort of record, Only 2 versions I have done for this banner.

I may go & do another 5 versions, because I'm not used to doing someone sig so quick! :p

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